Protests are the only way to force change

Big money ran an ad in The Pilot-Independent supporting Matt Bliss for reelection. Now I have received two large post cards from big money located in St. Paul in opposition to John Persell. They play on the fears of people who resist change. Protests are the only way to force change in this country.

Every major change in this country has come because people were willing to protest and work for change when they see injustice and feel change is needed.

The Boston Tea Party took place on Dec. 16, 1773. It was followed by an even bigger more violent protest when the Minutemen fired on the British at Lexington and Concord, which led to our Declaration of Independence. There were those who did not like this change just like there are those who oppose change today. With out protest we would have had a Parliamentary form of government and be a part of the British Empire.

Without the protest against the bombing of Cambodia at Kent State where the Ohio National Guard killed four students and wounded nine others, we might still be fighting a war in Vietnam.

Without the Quaker protest against slavery in 1688, which led to Pennsylvania eliminating slavery in 1780, which led to the Civil War, we might still have slavery in this country today.

There were also the protest by women who led to the 19th amendment so they could vote. The 1936 sit-down strike at GM that improved worker’s rights The 1955 Montgomery bus boycott that led to the desegregation of their bus line. The 1963 March on Washington that led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Selma march that led to the 1965 Voting Right Act.

These are important changes that only occurred because someone was willing to protest even if it cost them their lives.

Years ago an effort was made to change our system of measurements to the metric system, which is far superior to ours, but nothing happened because there were no protests to force the change.

I have read of women who were so afraid for their safety and their children’s safety that they walked more than 1,000 miles to try and find safety in this country. They are stopped at the crossing points so they are not allowed to enter the U.S. to seek asylum. They then cross the border somewhere else and they are arrested and separated from their young children.

This is inhumane and I do not understand why this practice is not protested against in every church in this country, if it is suppose to truly be a Christian Nation. One child in captivity has now died because of lack of proper medical care.

How can anyone not believe in global warming when one sees the year around forest fires, the increase in floods, the melting of the Arctic ice caps and the rising oceans? Hopefully the protests will cause changes before the human race becomes extinct.

How can anyone believe they are more superior to anyone else and minorities should be subjected to the abuses we are reading more about every day. It is not all right to shoot someone in the back as they run away just because they are black and I hope the protesters are successful in getting that changed.

We certainly don’t need Matt Bliss representing us and taking away our right to protest. Without protest we would soon have a dictator telling us what we must do.

Leonard Zimmer



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