Successful early bow hunters constantly rely on scouting and rearranging stands to accommodate changes in food sources.

As we prepare for the early bow season there are stands to hang, bows to be pulled and scouting to be done. I truly get very excited for the early season and am busy making preparations.

Here are some thoughts as we head into the 2018 fall season.

Heavy foilage

Everyone knows about the incredible rainfall we have been having all year as the woods and foliage are incredibly dense this season. I have never seen such lush growth in many years.

This means whole new shooting lanes should be cut and stands from last season will no doubt have to be altered. Don’t assume your last season’s stands are correct, as this heavy growth will no doubt have an impact on your upcoming hunts.


Finally after four years of no acorns, we have a bumper crop almost everywhere I have been. Heavy acorn crops will have a very big impact on fall deer behavior and deer prefer acorns over many other food sources.

My stands are now being changed to locations that now offer good acorns, meaning last year’s stands are obsolete.  


Scouting new fields and woods are a very big key to whitetail success. The most successful bow hunters I know never stop scouting.

Scouting also includes knocking on doors and making new contacts always in search of new territory to hunt. I make it a point to get to my destinations early and then spend an hour canvassing the neighboring farms to get permission.  

Entering a new bow season is always exciting and probably my favorite time of the year. By the way, the mosquitoes are horrendous this year again, a product of the heavy summer  rains. Don’t forget the unscented spray for bug emergencies!


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