Diners who appreciate fine food, served skillfully in a beautiful atmosphere, will be pleased to hear that Arthur’s on Ten Mile Lake will re-open this spring.

Patrick “PJ” Severson, owner and executive chef of The Local 218 in Brainerd, will be the restaurant’s lessee/operator.

Arthur’s (also known as Fins on Ten Mile) is owned by Ten Mile Associates, LLLC. It  is located on Hwy. 371, 3 miles north of Hackensack on the site of the former Arthur’s and Bromley’s Ten Mile Lake Inn. After opening in June 2015, it operated seasonally for three years but remained closed in 2018.  

Severson grew up in upstate New York and graduated from Brainerd High School. He received chef’s training at L’Academie De Cuisine in Gaithersburg, Md., a French-based culinary college,  considered one of the top cooking schools in the US.

Over the past 20 years, PJ has work as a chef at high-end restaurants in Bethesda, Md., San Diego and Las Vegas.  In 2003 he returned to the Brainerd area and worked as chef at Ernie’s on Gull Lake, as chef/general manager at Sherwood Forest Lodge at Grand View, and then chef/general manager at the iconic Bar Harbor Supper Club in Lakeshore.

In October 2016 he opened his own restaurant, the Local 218, on the east side of Brainerd, on property he’d been eyeing for a couple years.

“It took courage to take the most natural step ... to open my own restaurant,” he admits. “I have been cooking my whole life, and building my dream was the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I have ever done.

“The Local 218 is a restaurant I built for the community. My idea was an authentic restaurant with homemade food that was built on its quality and maintained with its quality ... We focus on authentic scratch-made food, which you don’t find everywhere.”

Last fall Tom Cox, a member of the group that owns Arthur’s, stopped by The Local. After telling PJ about Arthur’s, he explained they needed someone to operate it and asked if he was interested.

“I told him I would give him a call,” PJ recalls, “but time flies, so Tom reached out once more. I made a date to see the restaurant, and my jaw dropped right away when I walked in the door.

“I was immediately interested; I thought it was a gorgeous spot with lots of opportunities and that we could make this work!”

A building like this should be open year-round, he continues “We are going to try our hardest to give the community a restaurant and place [where they can] enjoy the beautiful surroundings that capture Minnesota at its finest in all seasons.”

PJ plans to be at Arthur’s a lot, while still operating The Local 218 in Brainerd. His business partner/girlfriend Katie will keep a close eye on The Local and also help with Arthur’s, while he will be involved with both.

“But my main focus will be the new restaurant,” he emphasizes.

There’s plenty to do before the tentative opening date of May 1. Plans and ideas are being discussed and implemented. Staffing will be a big priority.

As for the menu, “You’ll just have to wait and see,” he says, with a touch of mystery. “But my love for food and great service will be the emphasis of the whole restaurant, which will make people return, over and over again. Our goal is to be a community-driven restaurant with great pricing, food and service. We look forward to meeting everyone in the community.”

Will it still be called Arthur’s? Again ...

“You’ll just have to wait and see.”


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