Details for ISD 306 board of education meeting


MARCH 12, 2018

Call to order at 6:05 p.m.

Members present:  Seegmiller, Jorland, Raddatz, Moorhead, Malterud, and Mastin.

Members absent: None.

Administration present:  Goodwin and Dugstad.

Administration absent:  None.

Approved agenda as revised.

Open Forum:

1)Ms. Wagner, a concerned parent, voiced concerns over school safety and what can be done to ensure Laporte students are safe. Seegmiller spoke on past and present policies and procedures. A copy of the Crisis Management policy was given to Ms. Wagner and an invitation to the 3/21 meeting that is being held with Sheriff Aukes and Deputy Sheriff Christenson regarding school safety.

2)Activities Director Ms. Moss, spoke about the upcoming Timberwolves game that our basketball players were invited to attend. Bagley School was invited to attend the Timberwolves game and they were asked to invite another school. Laporte School basketball players were chosen because of their great sportsmanship.

3)Chairman Seegmiller presented recognition awards to Mr. Dombeck and Ms. Mastin for their outstanding work and dedication to Laporte School’s Community Garden. The community garden is a positive experience and great recognition for our district.

4)Board Members were presented recognition awards for dedication and hard work as part of the School Board Recognition Week. Our school board members have a very positive impact on our students, staff and community.

5)Mr. Dombeck, Senior Class Advisor discussed the seniors’ interest in decorating the top of their graduation caps. Decorations are subject to Mr. Dombeck’s approval.

Approved general consent items:  Minutes of 2/12/18 Regular Board Meeting; Bills totaling $278,269; and hiring of Ms. Jutz as Para Professional.

Approved 2018-19 School Calendar.

Approved 3/5/18 snow day pay.

Approved 2018-19 CLEP tests cost percentages. School paying 75% and students paying 25%.

Board Vacancy Discussion.

Facilities Committee Meeting Review.

1)Barrel roof repair to be done this summer. Vote to take place at a later time.

2)Block wall repair. Approved LHB Architect Miller to obtain bids for this project.

3)Outdoor speakers & amps needed. Approved purchase up to $2000.

Chairperson’s Report:  

1)  Safety Meeting with Sheriff Aukes and Deputy Sheriff Christenson on 3/21 at 10am.  

2)  Laporte School to receive bicycles and enclosed trailer through SHIP grant.

3)  Approved amendment to Crisis Management Policy # 806 that all classroom doors are to be locked once school commences.

Superintendent’s Report:  

1)  MDE literacy grant application submitted.

2)  Middle and High School Math to phase in College Preparatory Mathematics over 3 years. CPM summer training for teachers.

3)  Laporte Education & Endowment Fund was very generous and donated $500 towards the cost of First books.

4)  Hats off to Ms. Tabaka on Alexa dot use in her classroom. Alarms and spelling are two of the features the class uses. Both help with distractions and classroom flow throughout the day.

Dean of Students’ Report:  Enrollment = 309

Adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Karri Kampfer, Recording Secretary    

A detailed copy of all minutes may be viewed at Laporte School.



The Pilot-Independent

April 18, 2018