December 19, 2017

The following synopsis is only a summary. The full text is available for public inspection and upon request during normal business hours at the County Administrator’s Office, Courthouse, Walker, MN or Cass County website at Meeting convened at 10:00 a.m., adjourned  11:41 a.m., Board Room, Crtse., Walker, MN. Commissioners present:  Bruns, Downham, Gaalswyk, Kangas, and Peterson. Commissioners absent: None.  

1. Approve the regular agenda as amended.

2. Approve to waive reading and approve the consent agenda as amended.

3. Approve to establish a search committee for the Deputy Director of ESD with Commissioners Kangas and Gaalswyk.

4. Approve increasing the tipping fee at the Pine River transfer station from $69.00 per ton to $70.00 per ton effective February 1, 2018.

5.Award contract to Northland Consulting Engineers LLP not to exceed $17,807 for structural assessment for repairs to building number 3 and 2 at the Pine River Transfer Station.

6. Adopt resolution 50-17 establishing elected department heads compensation.

7. Adopt resolution 49-17 establishing compensation for County Commissioners.

8. Approve to adopt resolution 57-17 assigning duties of the auditor treasurer.

9. Deputy Eric Alger was awarded Deputy of the year by the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association.

10. Approve letter of support for bed closure at the Good Samaritan Society in Pine River MN.

11. Table the contract and bring it back to the County Board on the consent agenda when it’s completed.

12. Adopt Resolution 51-17 establishing the Property Tax Levy for 2018 by fund.

13. Adopt Resolution 52-17 with 2018 revenues and expenditures by fund.

14. Adopt Resolution 53-17 with the 2018 Unorganized Levy and revenue and expenditures by fund.

15. Approve 2017 Year-End Transfers as presented.

16. Approve the 2018 equipment list as presented in the total amount of $1,524,225.00.

17. Establish public hearing for second readings of both the Cass County Buffer Ordinance and an Ordinance Amending Section 706 (reclassifications) of the Land Use Ordinance for Cass County, Minnesota on January 2,2018 during the regular Board meeting.

18. Approve Resolution 56-17 for approval to proceed with final payment on contract 80502 (SAP 011-805-002) 5th Street Reconstruction-City of Walker.

19. Approve Resolution 55-17 to proceed with final payment on contract 60123 (SP 011-601-023; SAP 011-629-007; SAP 011-678-003; SAP 011-624-006; CP 2016-2(116); CP 2016-3(117)) Reconstruction and Pavement Preservation projects in the Lake Shore and southern Cass County area.  

20. Approve  Resolution 54-17 to proceed with final payment on contract 59101 (SP 011-591-001), a Safe Routes To School safety project in the Cass Lake-Bena school district.   

21. Approve the 2018 contract for County Surveyor with Terry Freeman  a contracted rate of $85.00 per hour.

22. Adjourned the meeting at 11:41am.


                The Pilot-Independent

January 10, 2018