On the first day of preparing meals, kitchen staff made up lunches filled with sandwiches, vegetables and chips.

The Walker-Hackensack-Akeley kitchen staff and bus drivers began preparing and delivering meals to students Wednesday morning.

On the first day, 73 sack lunches and breakfasts were made, with more expected to be made each day during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Superintendent Eric Pingrey said school districts around the state are dealing with an unprecedented situation, and the WHA staff is doing its part to make life a little easier for parents and children.

“A call went out to all families about the district providing sack meals,” Pingrey said.

Once the meals were prepared, bus drivers came in and will be dropping meals off at all bus stops. Families will be informed when they can pick up the meals.

The superintendent said it took about two days for administration to come up with plans to prepare sack meals and delivery, provide day care, plan educational services the district will provide in the event of a longer school closure, and to deep clean the school and buses. “What’s important is feeding students and providing day care so people can do their jobs.”

WHA kitchen staff will continue to prepare meals through spring break, which ends March 27, and possibly after that, depending on the governor’s decision on how long schools will be closed.

The district’s Food Pantry is also open and loaded up with sack meals for students to stop in on a “grab-and-go” basis.

The district is also providing day care and meals for 28 children, ages 4-12, whose parents are in the emergency services profession such as law enforcement, fire department, and the medical profession that include EMTs.

To get a sack meal

To be added to the sack meals list, contact Marci or Nancy in the superintendent’s office at (218) 547-1311, extension 1. The kitchen staff needs to know how many sack meals to prepare.

As more information is made available, the district will post on website at www.wha.k12.mn.us, on Facebook and through our District all-call.


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