Please Vote Yes for WHA referendum

Hey, WHA Community! Please put your “rally caps” on because our school needs your Yes Vote Nov. 5 to pass the first [capital levy] referendum in our school’s history. Our community is known to step up and support endless groups and individuals, and now it’s time to vote yes for the WHA School District 113.

In the last few years, WHA school has been tirelessly devoted to taking our school up a notch or two — or three or four — and I believe it’s time to show our appreciation, time to show that we see all the progress and time to show that we believe in our school and the WHA staff.

They are asking for the absolute bare minimum needed to fund two extremely important items in their budget: Transportation and technology updates. It will cost the tax payer an average of $12 per year — that’s the cost of one 12-inch pepperoni pizza at Village Square.

More importantly, keep in mind, we are one of a very, very few schools in Minnesota that has not passed a referendum to help fund our school.  Schools are underfunded and constantly challenged by the state’s laws that regulate what they can and cannot spend on. In order to be a competitive and well run school district, it’s almost impossible keep the doors open, without additional funds from a referendum.

WHA has turned the budget around, found additional funding through various avenues, but they are at a point where they must fund these two items and don’t want to make any drastic cuts to other departments.

To me, it’s more about supporting our school because we need our school and we need our school to continue to strive for excellence, attract more students and create a fantastic educational experience that we are proud of. We need to look at the big picture and look at the huge impact that this minimal tax increase will have on the school’s budget.

This will help them continue on the road to more and more successes, more students graduating with a strong educational base and a stronger community that will attract more families to the Leech Lake area. We’re all in this together. Please vote, and please Vote Yes on Nov. 5.

Thanks for reading.

Kristin Holly



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