The Walker-Hackensack-Akeley School Board met Oct. 11, when they heard staff reports and approved policy updates.

Pk-5 Principal Jill McGowan and High School Principal Ryan Jensen reported raising almost $5,000 through the Scholastic Book Fair in late September. Half of these proceeds will go to purchase new books for the library.

They also talked about the Autumn Equinox day celebration that was held at the Onigum Community Center with a potluck.

The Cass County Children’s Initiative meeting was held Sept. 23. Truancy procedures was the topic and a meeting of Cass County school principals was a possible result. A meeting date has yet to be determined.

Activities/Community Ed Director Travis Hensch reported that the district will only need to pay activities fee to participate in the Park Rapids boys hockey program.

Youth basketball and wrestling sign-up day is Nov. 29, while Driver’s Ed classes begin Nov. 1.

Swimming lessons for all ages meets Mondays in November. Water aerobics for all ages meets Tuesdays in November.

Gi Ji Jitsu, taught by former WHAN wrestler Collin Huckbody, meets weekly in the wrestling room.

The High Reliability School report includes the seven mindsets social-emotional competencies curriculum for 6-12 grade students that began Sept. 27. The seven mindsets are designed to promote self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making.

Each Monday students receive a half hour lesson regarding a specific  topic  or skill for the week. Tuesdays lets students complete an enrichment activity to reinforce the skills learned.

WHA purchased Northwest Evaluation Association measures of academic progress growth testing for K-12 students, which is a testing system that tests students three times a year in reading, math and science. The first testing window was just completed.

Instructional coaches will be meeting with teachers to learn how to interpret the data as use the data to guide classroom instruction.

The testing reports offer different information including how students are doing in sub-areas of reading, math and science and which areas see strengths and which areas need improvement. WHA is also able to compare student scores to nationally normed data, giving a clear picture of how students are performing in comparison with peers around the nation.

In other business the Board:                                

Approved civil rights/non-discrimination policy updates.

Approved staff lane changes for Ben Offerman, BA plus 10 to BA plus 20; Kevin Skja, MA to MA plus 10; Madelyn Tews, BA to BA plus 10; Tyna Richter, MA to MA plus 20; and Bill Hornung MA to MA plus 20.

Accepted a donation from Walker American Legion for a soccer scoreboard.


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