With slightly over a week left in the 17th annual Leech Lake Ice-Out Contest, the number of entries is behind schedule, with an educated guess of under 500.

Somehow I thought we might get more, with so many people stuck at home due to COVID-19. But there’s still time, and we can hope for that last-minute rush that we usually get.

And Now For Something Completely Different, Part 1:

 I don’t know how many times while preparing or typesetting news releases, I’ve mis-typed COVID-19 as CORVID-19.

COVID is the acronym that stands for coronavirus D 2019.

Corvids are a family of birds that  include crows, ravens and bluejays!

And Now For Something Completely Different, Part 2:

Have you been stocking up on toilet paper? Wonder if you’ve got enough for the duration? You can find out at the web site  howmuchtoiletpaper.com.

Enter the number of rolls you’ve squirreled away, then enter specifics for your household (number of people, number of toilet visits, number of sheets used per visit, personal habits, etc.), and bingo — the site will show you how long your supply will last!

Now back to the ice out contest.

As I mentioned last week, our office is closed to walk-in traffic for the foreseeable future, due to COVID-19 (Yay! I typed it correctly!)

You can submit entries thusly:

Send ice out date; name; mailing address; email address; phone number — by snail mail, email, fax or delivered to our office.

Deadline is 5 p.m. April 1.

• Snail mail: Pilot-Independent, PO Box 190, Walker, MN 56484

• Office location: P-I, 408 Minnesota Ave., Walker (No walk-in traffic. Drop ‘em in the box outside)

• Emails: dmorrill@pilotindependent.com or gdeboer@pilotindependent.com

• Fax: (218) 547-3000

• Just guess the date, not time of day. We can’t be that precise.

• The contest covers the whole lake; not just Walker Bay; or Shingobee Bay; or whatever bay you live on.

• We do not take guesses via phone, whether cell or landline  We need a paper trail; hard copy; proof.

• One entry per person, and yes, we do check.

• Everyone can enter, from kiddos to grandparents.

Good luck to all, stay safe, stay healthy, and see you next week!


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