Camping is a major part of Moondance experience

Highway to Hell won the best campsite for South Wooded. Photo by Dean Morrill

Camping is a major part of the Jam experience; and over the last several years, Jammers have created some incredible themed campsites.

A contest to chose the best site of each campground and an overall winner took place Friday as Bill and Kathy Bieloh, son Jonathon and others toured all the campgrounds.

Moondance Jam is not for the weak, and when the group made  their way throughout the campgrounds, Jammers do their best to bribe the judge with plenty of food and drinks.

The winner in each campground gets six tickets for 2008, while the overall winner got the tickets and their pick of which Saturday night band to watch from the Poser Deck.

The entourage first hit South Wooded where they encountered Highway To Hell and Sorrenson’s Sizzlin’ 17 Hot Camp Site. Highway To Hell won the best campsite for that campground, while Sorrenson’s Sizzlin’ 17 Hot Camp Site was a close second.

Up next was South Reserved Electrical and and South Reserved,  with the campsites of  Hot Hot Hot, Sizzlin’ Hot Original Love Shack, Sizzlin’ Saloon, Camp Liquor in the  Front — Poker in the Rear, Denny’s Double  D  Ranch and Sizzlin’ 17 Pit Crew.

Several other campsites were also visited in North Reserved, North Wooded and General, but none matched the creativeness of the ones listed.

Camp Liquor in the Front and Poker in the Rear — a campsite with a casino theme — set up in the South Reserved Electrical won the overall contest and claimed Moondance Jam 18 tickets, which some have already dubbed Extreme 18.

Si Mi Chi Chi Tijuana won in North Reserved, Bikini Brothers in North Wooded, Sizzlin’ Pit Crew in South Reserved and Mt. Waupatuie in General.


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