The Cass County Board met Sept. 3 at the courthouse to further the agenda of the people regarding the Land Use Ordinance; service contracts; a second quarter report from the Longville Ambulance Subordinate Service District; and a Conservation Partners Legacy grant application, to name a few topics.

Land use ordinance language update

The County Board voted to retain the services of Iverson Reuvers Condon, to make recommendations to update and simplify the Cass County Land Use Ordinance, Cass County Subdivision Ordinance, and associated Definitions Ordinance, to clarify sections for future usage.

The effort is one of organization and no policies will change due to the language update.

Pine and Crooked Lake Township parcels purchased

Also approved by the board was authorization for the Land Commissioner to apply for a Conservation Partners Legacy Grant for the acquisition of private parcels in Crooked Lake and Pine Lake townships and to approve a cash match of $20,000 to be paid from the Forest Development Fund.

The parcels are surrounded by public land, and acquiring these parcels will consolidate the land base and minimize the impact of future developments to the nearby snowmobile and cross-country trails.

Cooling system, power supply replacement

Due to two recent incidents with equipment failures at the courthouse campus, the board approved the purchase and installation of new uninterrupted power supplies for its computer servers and the  replacement of the cooling system in the same room, not to exceed $35,000. The old power supply was 29 years old and had several batteries replaced, which did not fix the problem.

HVAC remodel at Pine River garage

The current heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system at the Highway Garage in Pine River does not maintain heat in the building during the middle of winter.  It is inefficient due to the use of electric make-up air units.

Pipe Dreamz Plumbing and Heating was awarded the contract with a $32,000 bid. Lundberg Plumbing and Heating came in second bidding $45,000.

Road work at dangerous intersection

Due to injuries and fatalities at the CSAH 1/44 intersection, the board  approved a contract with Bolton and Menk, Inc. for engineering services in the city of Pine River for $390,000 to change the intersection from a four-way stop to a safer roundabout exchange that will slow traffic and make for a safer traffic segue.

County Online Auction schedule set

The Highway Department has had success using  online auctions to reduce surplus equipment in the past but will offer road equipment to townships prior to the auction, set to start Sept. 27 and close Oct. 8. McLaughlin Auctioneers will again be utilized as the platform for the online auction.

Solid waste equipment transfer

The board approved use of a Caterpillar front-end loader from the Highway Department by Solid Waste while they are in the process of purchasing a replacement loader.

The Solid Waste Department will use the loader to transfer solid waste to trailers at the Pine River Transfer Station under the county’s new transfer station management agreement with Waste Partners until the material handler is purchased and delivered. This will require modification of the bucket and foam-filling tires to prevent blowouts.

Longville Highway Shop parking lot

The Highway Department received two quotes to pave the new Longville Shop parking lot. The first was from Hawkinson Inc. for $105,198 and the second from Anderson Brothers at  $108,900.00. The board awarded Hawkinson the contract as the low bidder.

Second quarter Longville Ambulance Report

Kevin Lee gave the report for the Longville Ambulance Subordinate Service District (LASSD).

Longville served 172 patients in the second quarter of 2019 and had  budgeted for 137; while in 2018, 145 patients were served during the same period.

Revenues were $61,000 favorable to the Longville budget due to increased volumes and decreased revenue deductions. Revenue deductions were 62.5 percent as opposed to a budget of 67.5 percent. Expenses were $6,394 over budget due to increased benefit expenses and the purchase of new IV pumps.

LASSD continues its involvement with the Cass County Emergency Services Board and are currently planning for September Cass County EMS Conferences.

Second quarter hospital destinations and patient numbers are: Bemidji 19, Brainerd 21, Cass Lake 4, Crosby 19, Deer River 10, Grand Rapids 4, Park Rapids 4, AirCare 6.


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