The Cass County Sheriff’s Office responded to 429 incidents between Sept. 8-14, including the following:

Abandoned vehicle, Whipholt Beach Road, Walker.

Accident, no injury, 156th St. NW, Cass Lake.

Accident, no injury, Lyle Chisholm, Cass Lake.

Accident with injuries, 24th St. SW, Pine River.

Assault (two calls), Fifth St. W., Bena.  

Assault, Norway Ave., Pine River.

Attempt to locate, Y Frontage Road, Walker.

Burglary, S. Inguadona Dr., Remer.

Burglary, 44th St. NE, Remer.

Burglary, 14th St. SW, Backus.

Burglary, First St. N., Hackensack.

Burglary, 4668 Breezy Point, Walker.

Burglary, Draper Rd. NE, Remer.

Burglary, Poquet Dr. NW, Hackensack.

Child custody dispute, 41st St. NW, Hackensack.

Carbon monoxide detector, Mississippi Dr., Bena.

Complaints, Michigan Ave. W., Walker.

Crime against family, endangerment, Hwy. 200 NE, Remer.

Crime against family, endangerment, Finch Trail NW, Backus.

Crime against family, neglect, Onigum Rd. NW, Walker.

Criminal sexual conduct, Grant Utley, Cass Lake.

Deer accident, no injury, Hawthorn Trail, Walker.

Domestic, 68th Ave. NW, Cass Lake.

Domestic, Stony Point, Walker.

Domestic, Wakonabo Dr., Cass Lake.

Domestic, 65th Ave. NW, Cass Lake.

Domestic dispute, Lake May Drive, Akeley.

Domestic dispute, Broken Arrow, Cass Lake.

Drive-by shooting, Hwy. 371 NW, Walker.

Driving under the influence, Hwy. 2 NW, Cass Lake.

Driving under the influence, Y Frontage Road, Walker.

Driving under the influence, 68th Ave. NW, Cass Lake.

Driving under the influence, C.R. 8/First St., Bena.

Erratic driving, Lakeshore Drive, Hackensack.

Explosive, 48th Ave. SW, Pine River.

Failure to display lights, C.R. 1, Pine River.

Fight, Fourth St. S., Walker.

Fight, Boysenberry, Cass Lake.

Fight, Grant Utley, Cass Lake.

Fire, Front St. W., Walker.

Fire, Shingobee Road, Walker.

Fire, 65th Ave. NW, Cass Lake.

Hang up, Cemetery Road, Hackensack.

Hang up, King St. S., Backus.

Hazmat/fuel/gas leak, 164th St. NW, Cass Lake.

Mail, Lower Ten Mile Lake Road, Hackensack.

Mentally ill person, 162nd St. NW, Cass Lake.

Missing person, S. Boy Lake Dr., Remer.

Motorist assist, Grant Utley, Cass Lake.

Noise complaint, Second St. S., Walker.

Person of interest, Norway Ave., Pine River.

Person of interest, Hwy. 371 NW, Cass Lake.

Person of interest, Fifth St., Pine river.

Property, Fourth St. S., Walker.

Property, C.R. 46 NW, Hackensack.

Property, Ash Ave. NW, Cass Lake.

Property check, Central Ave., Cass Lake.

Property damage, Lyle Chisholm, Cass Lake.

Property damage, Oak Ave. NE, Cass Lake.

Property damage Norway Ave., Pine River.

Property/land dispute (two calls), Lost Lake Road, Lake Shore.

Property retrieval, Golf View Dr., Pine River.

Property retrieval, Second St. E., Bena.

Public assist, Aspen Ave. NW, Cass Lake.

Public assist, Michigan Ave. W., Walker.

Public assist, Breezy Point Circle, Walker.

Public assist, Michigan Ave. W., Walker.

Removal of person, Battle Point Dr., Federal Dam.

Removal of person, Hwy. 6 NE, Remer.

Removal of person, Sugar Point Dr., Federal Dam.

Removal of person, Grant Utley, Cass Lake.

Removal of person, Upper Cass, Cass Lake.

Repossession, Front St. S., Pine River.

Road conditions, C.R. 50 NW, Hackensack.

Runaway, Elm Ave. NW, Cass Lake.

Runaway (two calls), Hwy. 200 NE, Remer.

School bus stop arm violation, 156th St. NW, Cass Lake.

School bus stop arm violation, Fifth St., Pine River.

Shoplifting (two calls), Lyle Chisholm, Cass Lake.

Speed, C.R. 1/23rd Ave., Pine River.

Speed, Hwy. 371/Jefferson, Pine River.

Speed, Fifth St., Pine River.

Stop sign violation, Hwy. 371/Barclay, Pine River.

Threat, 26th Ave. SW, Backus.

Threat, Breezy Point, Walker.

Threat, 107th St. SW, Cass Lake.

Threats, C.R. 7 NE, Remer.

Traffic incident, S. Inguadona Dr. NE, Remer.

Traffic stop, Hwy. 200, Walker.

Traffic stop, Hwy. 200 NW and 24th, Walker.

Traffic stop, Lyle Chisholm, Cass Lake.

Trespassing, Hwy. 34 NW, Akeley.

Trespassing, Twin Hills Rd., Hackensack.

Trespassing, 16th St. SW, Backus.

Trespassing, Aspen Ave. NW, Cass Lake.

Trespassing, Lyle Chisholm, Cass Lake.

Vehicle, C.R. 4 NE, Remer.

Violation of protection order, 32nd Ave. SW, Pine River.

Vulnerable adult, Hardwood, Hackensack.

Welfare, Hwy. 87 NW, Backus.

Welfare check, Balsam Ave. NW, Cass Lake.

Welfare check, Indian Trail, Pine River.

Welfare check, C.R. 8 NE, Federal Dam.

Welfare check, Praise Lane NW, Walker.

Welfare check, Y Frontage Rd., Walker.


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