The Cass County Sheriff’s Office responded to 526 incidents between June 23-29, including the following:

Accident with injuries, S. Lake, Outing.

Accident with injuries, 28th Ave. NW, Hackensack.

Accident with injuries, Journey’s End, Longville.

Accident with injuries, Grant Utley, Cass Lake.

Assault, Fourth St. W., Bena.

Assault, Seventh St. NW, Cass Lake.

Assault, Grant Utley, Cass Lake.

Assault, Onigum Road NW, Walker.

Assault, Y Frontage Rd., Walker.

Assault, Shing Wauk, Walker.

Assault, Balsam Ave. NW, Cass Lake.

Attempt to locate, Onigum Rd. NW, Walker.

Attempt to locate, C.R. 45 NW, Hackensack.

Attempt to locate (two incidents), Minnesota Ave., Walker.

Barking dog, 26th Ave. NW, Backus.

Burglary, First Ave. E., Backus.

Burglary, Eighth St. NE, Pine River.

Burglary (two calls), W. Big Portage, Backus

Burglary, Pine Lake Rd., Walker.

Burglary, Roosevelt Dr., Walker.

Burglary, Tree Frog Drive, Walker.

Burglary, 12th Ave. SW, Backus.

Careless driving, York St., Pine river.

Citation/warning, Hwy. 371 NW, Walker.

Crime against family, endangerment, Minnesota Ave., Walker.

Disorderly conduct, Fourth St. W., Bena.

Disorderly conduct, 40th Ave. NW, Backus.

Disorderly conduct, 39th Ave. NW, Walker.

Domestic, Hwy. 371 N., Hackensack.

Domestic dispute, Old Agency, Walker.

Domestic dispute, Eighth St. S., Walker.

Domestic dispute, Summit Ave. E., Walker.

Domestic dispute, Lake May Dr., Akeley.

Driving under the influence, Front St. S, Pine River.

Erratic driving, Fifth St. S., Walker.

Erratic driving, Onigum Rd. NW, Walker.

Erratic driving, Hwy. 2 NE, Bena.

Erratic driving, C.R. 41 NW, Backus.

Escape from custody, Michigan Ave., Walker.

Fire, 24th Ave. NE, Remer.

Fire, Silver Eagle, Bena.

Garage, S. Town Drive SW, Pine River.

Gas drive-off, Minnesota Ave., Walker

Gas drive-off Y Frontage Rd., Walker.

Gas drive-off, Y Frontage Rd., Walker.

Gas drive-off, Front St. S., Pine River.

Harassment, Third Ave. SE, Remer.

Incorrigible juvenile, 26th Ave. SW, Backus.

Lost/found, Maple Leaf Dr., Walker.

Minor consuming alcohol, Shing Wauk Dr., Walker.

Minor consuming alcohol, Onigum Rd., Walker.

Motorist assist, Onigum Rd. NW, Walker.

Noise complaint, Big Deep Lake, Hackensack.

Noise complaint, Hwy 371 NW, Backus.

Overdose, 26th Ave. SW, Backus.

Overdose, 107th St. NW, Cass Lake.

Person of interest, C.R. 46 NW, Hackensack.

Probation/parole violation, Minnesota Ave., Walker.

Property, Sugar Maple, Walker.

Property, Hwy. 84 NW, Backus.

Property damage, 24th Ave. NE, Boy River.

Property damage, S. Town Dr. SW, Pine River.

Property damage, 16th Ave NW, Backus.

Property damage, 32nd Ave. NW, Backus.

Property/land dispute, Hwy. 6 S., Remer.

Property/land dispute, Foxtail Lane SW, Backus.

Removal of person, Hwy. 371 NW, Walker.

Removal of person (two calls), King St. S, Backus.

Runaway, Little Sand Lane, Remer.

Runaway, Ghe We Zance, Boy River.

Shoplifting, Hackensack.

Speed, (two instances) Fifth St., Pine River.

Threat, Y Frontage Rd., Walker.

Threat, 12th Ave. NE, Longville.

Threats, S. Fork Rd. SW, Pine River.

Traffic incident, Hwy. 371 NW, Walker.

Traffic stop, Hwy. 200 NE, Walker.

Traffic stop, Hwy. 200 NE, Remer.

Trespassing, Hwy. 87 NW, Backus.

Trespassing, Breezy Point, Walker.

Trespassing, Indian Trail, Pine River.

Trespassing, 72nd St. NE, Remer.

Vehicle, Rocky Point, Walker.

Vehicle, Bear Paw Trail, Hackensack.

Vehicle, Y Frontage Road, Walker.

Vehicle, Lake Ave. E., Hackensack.

Violation of DANCO order, Division St. W., Backus.

Violation of harassment order, 24th St. SW, Pine River.

Warrant for arrest, Barclay Ave., Pine River.

Warrant for arrest, Lyle Chisholm, Cass Lake.


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