The Cass County Sheriff’s Office responded to 632 incidents between June 30-July 6, including the following:

Abandoned vehicle, Tenth St. S., Walker.

Abandoned vehicle, 24th St. SW, Pine River.

Accident, no injury, Division St. W., Backus.

Accident, no injury, Fourth Ave. NW, Longville.

Accident, no injury, C.R. 5 NW, Hackensack.

Accident, no injury, Michigan Ave. W., Walker.

Accident with injuries, 34th Ave. NW, Backus.

Allow illegal operation of motor vehicle, Hwy. 371, Pine River.

Assault, Second Ave., Bena.

Attempt to locate, Y Frontage Road, Walker.

Attempt to locate, S. Town Dr. SW, Pine River.

Bite, 20th St. NW, Backus.

Bite, Spruce St. NE, Remer.

Bite, Ten Mile Lane, Hackensack.

Burglary, 12th St. SW, Backus.

Burglary, Spruce Lane, Cass Lake.

Burglary, C.R. 54 NE, Longville.

Burglary, S. Steamboat, Cass Lake.

Burglary, C.R. 58 NE, Outing.

Burglary, Hwy. 371 S., Hackensack.

Careless driving, Sixth Lake Road, Akeley.

Complaint, Suzanne Drive, Longville

Complaint, Draper Road NE, Remer.

Complaints, Fifth St. N., Walker.

Complaints, Fifth St. S., Walker.

Crime against family, endangerment, Eighth St. NE, Pine River.

Criminal sexual conduct, Murray Ave., Pine River.

Criminal sexual conduct, Hwy. 371 SW, Pine River.

Deer accident with injuries, C.R. 12 NW, Akeley.

Disorderly conduct, Hwy. 371 SW, Pine River.

Disturbing the peace, C.R. 45 NW, Hackensack.

Disturbing the peace, Wakonabo Dr., Cass Lake

Domestic, Sugar Point, Federal Dam.

Domestic, E. Hazelnut Dr., Longville.

Domestic, Main St., Federal Dam.

Domestic, Partridge Dr., Longville.

Domestic dispute, Oak Ave. NE, Cass Lake.

Domestic dispute, Hwy. 2 NE, Bena

Domestic dispute, First St. NW, Cass Lake.

Domestic dispute, C.R. 58 NE, Outing.

Domestic dispute, Fifth St. W., Bena.

Domestic dispute, 39th St. NW, Akeley.

Domestic dispute, 100th St. NW, Walker.

Domestic dispute, Ghe We Zance, Boy River.

Domestic dispute, Second St. NE, Cass Lake.

Domestic dispute, 22nd St. SW, Pine River.

Expired license tabs, Barclay Ave., Pine River.

Extra patrol, Battle Point Drive, Federal Dam.

Extra patrol, Sixth Lake Rd., Akeley.

Failure to display lights, Hwy. 371, Pine River.

Fire, Lower Ten Mile Lake Rd., Hackensack.

Fire, Jefferson Ave., Pine River.

Fire, McBride Dr., Remer.

Fire, 36th Ave. SW, Backus.

Fireworks, Whispering Pines Dr., Hackensack.

Fireworks, S. Lake, Outing.

Fireworks, Whipholt, Walker.

Fireworks, C.R. 58 NE, Outing.

Gas drive-off (three separate incidents), 300 Front St. S., Pine River.

Gas drive-off, Wren Trail NW, Backus.

Gas drive-off, C.R. 18, Brainerd.

Incorrigible juvenile, Little Sand Lane, Remer.

Incorrigible juvenile, S. Town Drive SW, Pine River.

Lost/found, 24th Ave. SW, Backus.

Loud noise, S. Green, Longville.

Natural death, Fleisher Ave. N. Hackensack.

Natural death, Steamboat, Walker.

Natural death, Steamboat, Walker.

Neglect/abuse, Johnson Lake, Backus.

Noise complaint, Whipholt Beach Rd., Walker.

Noise complaint, Whipholt, Walker.

Noise complaint, Front St. N. Pine River.

Noise complaint, Farenholz, Longville.

No proof insurance, State 6 NE. Outing.

Paraphernalia, Little Sand Ln., Remer.

Probation/parole, County 5/County 46, Hackensack.

Property, S. Walker Bay, Walker.

Property, Snell Ave. Pine River.

Property, First St. N., Hackensack.

Property check, Michigan Ave. W., Walker.

Property damage, Diamond, Longville.

Property damage, County Hwy. 58 NE., Outing.

Property damage, Whipholt, Walker.

Property damage, State 371, NW., Cass Lake.

Property damage, County Hwy. 40, Hackensack.

Property damage, Onigum, Walker.

Property/land dispute, N. River Rd. SW., Backus.

Property retrieval, Whipholt, Walker.

Property retrieval, 24th St. SW., Pine River.

Removal of person, King St., S., Backus.

Removal of person, Sugar Point, Federal Dam.

Removal of person, State 371, Hackensack.

Removal of person, Y-Frontage, Walker.

Removal of person, Central Ave., Bena.

Runaway, Old Agency, Walker.

Runaway, Minnesota Ave., Walker.

Speed, three calls, 5th St., Pine River.

Speed, County Hwy. 5, Hackensack.

Stop sign violation, Park Ave. and 2nd St., Pine River.

Stop sign violation, Lyle Chisholm, Cass Lake.

Threat, Central Ave., Bena.

Threat, Carpenter St., Backus.

Threat, County Hwy. 45 NW., Hackensack.

Threats, Thunder, Remer.

Threats, County Hwy. 5 NW., Hackensack.

Threats, Snell Ave., Pine River.

Traffic incident, 40th Ave. SW., Pine River.

Traffic stop, State 6 NE., Outing.

Traffic stop, Sixth Lake Rd., Akeley.

Traffic stop, County Hwy. 58 NE., Outing.

Traffic stop, Y-Frontage, Walker.

Traffic stop, State 200 NE./20th, Pine River.

Traffic stop, 5th St., Pine River.

Trespassing, State 84 NE., Longville.

Warrant for arrest, Lyle Chisholm, Cass Lake.



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