The city of  Hackensack received $24,260 in CARES Act funding from the federal government and has incurred a total of $10,341.63 in eligible expenses  

The CARES Act provides assistance to state, local and tribal governments through the Coronavirus Relief Fund, but can be used only for expenses related to the pandemic that were not part of the regular city budget. The deadline to spend funds is Nov. 15.

At the Sept. 8 meeting, the council discussed what other projects might be eligible. Touchless sinks  and other plumbing upgrades to restroom facilities at city park and the community building were mentioned last month. Maintenance Supervisor Dana Stanko has contacted Zaffke Plumbing and learned those upgrades could be done relatively soon.

The council moved to have Zaffke Plumbing replace seven units, not to exceed $4,000, and also to pursue bids for other eligible items, such as a laptop computer for the city clerk so she can work remotely.  

The future of the old lumber yard building and land on Hwy. 371 was referred to the Sept. 14 Planning Session for discussion. Owner Duane Nordin might be willing to sell the property to the city, which could use it for parking space, which will be in short supply when the highway is redesigned and rebuilt in 2024.  Mayor Larry Ciha and Stanko will inspect the building and site.

Liquor Store manager Jason Marchwick presented estimates to replace a failed air conditioner  unit at the onsale liquor store. Councilor Jim Schneider suggested Marchwick return with a broader plan that includes other equipment and structural needs, addresses what the city wants to do with the onsale bar and how to finance it all.

“We won’t need the AC until spring, so we have time,” Bill Kennedy remarked.

Kennedy noted that as of Sept. 7, Hackensack’s city website is operational:

Agendas and minutes have already be posted and more information is being added. Ordinances, permit forms and Frequently Asked Questions will be available soon. Errors and suggestions should be reported to Kennedy.

Stanko will attend an upcoming Disaster Mitigation workshop offered by Cass County to get up to speed on their emergency preparedness plans.

Debris from a house fire has finally been cleaned up on First Street across from the post office, and clean-up issues at several other properties around town are being addressed.

In other matters the council

Learned that the Library Committee is still considering options: relocate, rebuild, re-siding, and is talking to vendors to gather ideas.

Named councilors Bill Kennedy and Lee-Ann Marchwick as a search committee to find candidates to replace Hackensack City Attorney Ted Lundrigan, who died recently.

Accepted a low bid of $4,267 from Chosen Valley Testing, Inc., to do a dozen or more soil borings  around town to see what kind of  soils are beneath future road projects. Other bids ranged up to $16,000.

Noted that the next city newsletter will be out in October.


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