Cycling Without Age will give older adults a chance to leave their home

Age shouldn’t be a barrier for older adults who no longer can venture outside of their home because of limited mobility or because of lack of opportunities.

Cass County SHIP, Walker Lions and May Creek Senior Living have joined forces to bring the Cycling Without Age program to Walker, and to raise funds for the cycle that will be used to give free rides to seniors. The Lions have already committed to insure the trishaw each and every year, while May Creek will store the cycle. Paul Nye, the Bike Guy, will provide any maintenance, which is expected to be minimal.

The trishaw, manufactured in Copenhagen, is a triobike taxi that features disc brakes, electric-assist riding and comfortable seating for two passengers. The cycles can now be found in more than 40 countries, with about 200 in Wisconsin and several in and around the Twin Cities area.

“Our goal is to get seniors outside. This will be a real boost to their day,” said Simon Whitehead, the head of Cass County SHIP who is spearheading the fundraising effort. “This is going to be a great addition to our town. Age shouldn’t be a barrier for people to cycle.”

Whitehead said they need to raise about $10,000 for the program, and is hopeful he can order the bike sometime this fall. The committee is now in the process of fundraising.

The trishaw costs about $6,500 with additional $2,000 needed to ship the bike. Besides the Lions, other organizations have been approached about becoming a sponsor at platinum, gold, silver and bronze levels.

Whitehead there are currently no trishaw cycles in northern Minnesota, but he wants to change that. He’s talked to several people in Wisconsin about the trishaw cycles.

“The bikes are well-constructed and our rider-friendly,” Whitehead said.

Rides will leave from various locations around Walker starting next spring, if fundraising is as successful as committee members believe it will be. Trained volunteer pilots will work Monday through Friday and maybe weekends, using both bike trails and bike lanes. The trishaw will not cross Highway 371 but instead will use the two underpasses to get riders around town.

Businesses, organizations or individuals that want to donate for the new trishaw can go to the Go Fund Me page at

If you have questions about the program, contact Whitehead at (218) 547-6843 or


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