Contractors and work crews continue to make good progress on three major projects in the city of Hackensack: water main replacement, street reconstruction and paving, and water tower painting.

At the Oct. 4 meeting Jim Curran of Moore Engineering gave an update on First Street’s curb and gutters, catch basins and paving that should start and/or be completed very soon. Water main work continues. Light bases have been installed for the future light standards.

Customers will have access to all business during street paving, sidewalks and other work, whether by front, side or rear doors.

After approving partial payment of $413,198.79, the council approved an additional $7,470 from  federal funds to repair a “bump” on Fleischer where the Boy River flows under the street through a culvert from Birch Lake.  

A  170 foot loop connection from a dead end on Murray West to the water main on Fleischer was also approved, creating redundancy in case of an emergency. The cost, not to exceed $25,000, will come from savings and possible off- and on-sale liquor store accounts.

Curran added that the water tower is  now filled to the bottom of the catwalk. Painting of the Lucette logo should start immediately.

The council accepted property owner Mark Kirwin’s request that contractors remove the last two concrete sidewalk slabs along his building on the south side of Lake Avenue and replace them with new concrete. He will contribute up to $400. If it costs more, the council will discuss it with Kirwin.

Maintenance Supervisor Dana Stanko noted that the DNR OK’d removal of concrete parking bumpers along the Paul Bunyan Trail. He also reported that County Environmental Services Director John Ringle and another person visited Hackensack recently, looking for better sites for the recycling bins at Southside. The council asked that the matter be brought to the Oct. 26 Planning Session.

After reviewing three years of cash receipts and disbursements for the Community Building, the council agreed with the Hackensack Pickleball Club that the community building’s floor should be resurfaced.

“The pickleball lines are showing wear,” pickleball player Steve Norlin observed. The last resurfacing was done three years ago by Warnick Janitorial. The council agreed to have the same firm do the work again for up to $800.

With city clerk Jody Knapp retiring at year’s end, help wanted ads to fill that position have been placed in local newspapers and on the city website. Applications will be accepted through Oct. 22. Councilor Jim Schneider and mayor Bill Kennedy will represent the council on the hiring committee.

Councilors Char Wilkes and Lee-Ann Marchwick will form a second committee to research holiday decorations (Christmas, possibly July 4) to be displayed on the new street light standards.

A new lease agreement between the city and the Hackensack Lending Library (HLL), a document that never existed until now, was accepted and approved.

HLL will pay the city $1 annually for use of the building. The lease begins when signed and will run through Dec. 31, 2023., with the option to renew for an additional two years after 2023.

The tangible personal property (i.e., the books) are owned by HLL and will be insured by them. The building itself is owned by the city, which will insure it.

In other action the council

Approved purchase of a Point of Sale cash register  (iPad, software, set-up) for the onsale liquor store, through Lightspeed, not to exceed $2,500 and thanked store manager Jason Marchwick for obtaining the quote.

Approved payment of $5,540 related to resolution of Tax Increment Financing issues with Birchview Gardens, with transfer of that amount from the general fund to the TIF fund so bills can be paid. Half of the amount will be reimbursed by Sourcewell, once the city makes application.

Set Oct. 26, 5 p.m. at the Community Building for the next Planning Session.


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