With a city water main project scheduled for 2020 in conjunction with street reconstruction, the Hackensack City Council discussed Nov. 4 how to pay for the remaining $200,000 of the $1.4 million project that is mostly covered by state and federal grants.

Raising municipal water fees is the most obvious possibility. For example, councilor Jim Schneider said that a $5 per month increase would bring in about $12,000 per year, payable over the next 20-30 years of the debt. Before any decision is made, city engineer Les Mateffy will discuss with USDA Rural Development the best way to service the debt.  

Schneider added that if a fee increase is approved, he would like to see it start Jan. 1, 2020. He also suggested creating a newsletter to better inform city residents on this and other matters.

The council approved a motion related to maintenance of Red Oak Drive off Cemetery Road, that serves lots in the Oak Hills Addition offered for sale by developer Bob Johnson and real estate agent Dan Pflugshaupt.

Starting immediately and for the next year, the developer will arrange for maintenance and grading of the gravel road. In about October 2020, the road will be reinspected to see if it meets Class 5 road standards. If it is certified as a Class 5 road and signage is in place, the city will consider taking over road maintenance.  

After receiving a letter from Sacred Heart Catholic Church, the council agreed to meet with church representatives to discuss possible vacation of a city street that runs through the church parking lot. A date and time will be arranged, and street commissioner Bill Kennedy, maintenance supervisors Dana Stanko and Casey Stanley and clerk Jody Knapp will represent the city.

In other matters the council

Approved renewal of 2020 employee hospitalization coverage, which went  down from 2019.

Awarded the bid for a snow plow for the city plow truck to Northland Off-Road of Grand Rapids at $6,650, the lowest of four vendors who submitted bids on the exact same model plow.

Approved 2020 liquor and/or cigarette license renewals for six businesses.

Accepted the city’s share of proceeds from the 2019 Chainsaw Event, $3,500, which will go into the park fund to be used for maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc.


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