Plans to renovate the butterfly flower garden at Hackensack City Park this spring added a touch of color to discussions at the Jan. 6 city council meeting.

A landscape design by Landsburg Landscape Nursery, Brainerd, was circulated, showing placement and photos of flowers and shrubs to be used.

Shirley Johnson of the Birch Lake Association first presented the proposal last fall and prepared the handout material; she was unable to attend the council meeting. The renovation would begin in the spring and be finished before Sweetheart Days in July.

After checking the garden’s boundaries and squinting at photos and a “plant key” to what flowering plants will go where, the council accepted the plan. Park Commissioner Lee-Ann Marchwick will meet with butterfly garden representatives before work begins.

Maintenance Supervisor Dana Stanko announced that maintenance worker Casey Stanley has completed his six month performance review “with flying colors,” which ends his probationary period.  Stanley was  hired at $19 per hour and will now receive a raise to $21 per hour.

The council approved the 2020 appointments and stipulations list with only one change. Stanley was named “weed inspector,” replacing Dave Hoopman who has retired.

Other appointments are Janice Pfarr, acting mayor; Lee-Ann Marchwick, park commissioner; Bill Kennedy, street commissioner; Larry Ciha, water/sewer commissioner; Pfarr, liquor store commissioner; Jim Schneider, public safety commissioner; and Stanko and Schneider, emergency management directors.

Assessor duties will be performed by Cass County; First National Bank of Walker is the city depository; official newspaper is The Pilot-Independent; auditor, Clasen, Stegner and Schessl, CPAs; attorney, Ted Lundrigan; and city engineer, Moore Engineering.

City Clerk Jody Knapp and Mayor Larry Ciha will be ex-offico members on the Fire Department Relief Association Board.

An all-council planning session for 2020 was set for Feb. 10 at 5 p.m. Councilors will add discussion items to the agenda related to their respective commissioner assignments.

With new Liquor Ordinance No. 82 adopted last month, the council repealed old Liquor Ordinance No. 47.

Three policies, needed by granting agencies for the city’s 2020 water main project, were also approved: Drug-Free Workplace; Excessive Force; and Residential Anti-Displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan.


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