The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from Jan. 2-5.

Child custody —  Caller has sole custody of son and the ex is refusing to return the child, 285th Ave.

Officer assist —  Laporte school principal having issues with student who wants to be suspended from school, Main St., Laporte.

Ambulance —  Caller has numb arm, feels weak, and dizzy, Main St., Laporte.

Accident —  Vehicle rolled over in west bound lane, no injuries.

Vehicle off road —  Vehicle off the road in the ditch.

Check crimes —  Caller reports someone else cashed their check, Ladue Rd, Ponsford.

Parking violation/complaint —  Report of vehicle parked on side of road obstructing plows, CR 45.

Officer assist —  Caller states person texting them in spite of Order For Protection, CR 34.

Animal complaint —  Caller is with a pit bull that is wearing a sweater but no collar; dog’s hipbone is sticking out through skin.

Township meeting —  Deputy at township meeting, CR , Becida.

Township meeting —  Deputy at township meeting, Broadway St. W., Akeley.

Domestic —  Caller states mom’s boyfriend got drunk and hit him in the face, no medical requested, Jade Rose Dr.

Ambulance —  Wife is having hard time breathing, CR 18.

Gas drive off —  Gas drive off around 4:30 p.m., Bunyan Trails Dr. Nevis.

Ambulance —  Party with low blood pressure, Hwy. 34, Nevis.

Motorist assist —  Stuck in snow, GMC pickup, CR 95.

Accident —  Vehicle rollover, possible head injury.

Damage to property/vandalism —  Caller’s relative’s house is trashed, possibly by ex-boyfriend, Old Sunset Dr.

Domestic —  Third party report of a possible physical domestic Old Sunset Dr.

Traffic stop —  Trying to stop Ford pickup with a recliner in the back.

Disputes/disturbances —  Male caller states his sister’s ex-boyfriend is at the house yelling, pointing fingers in people’s faces. Shoving match; he left property with his young son in a red car, Everlasting Dr.

911 hang up —  911 cell open line phase two, sounded like verbal domestic in the background, 163rd Ave.

Suspicious —  Caller states someone is banging on his neighbor’s door and he thinks they are out of town;Wildwood Rd.

Officer assist —  Looks like someone tried to break into her front door, Wildwood Rd.

Domestic —  Boyfriend locked her out of the house, jus let her back in, took away her phone, found an old 911-only phone to call 911; parties are separated, CR 9.

Assault/fight —  Caller reporting assault and theft just occurred, 200th St.

Domestic —  Caller states his girlfriend is highly intoxicated, screaming at him, pushing him, CR 9.

Snowmobile —  Failed to stop for stop sign (two incidents).

Driving complaint —  Caller reporting male party driving west bound on Hwy. 34 in dark green Buick, does not have a driver’s license.


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