The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from June 24-30, 2019.

Ambulance —  Laporte man fell in his garage; can’t feel his legs.

Theft — Front license plate stolen; Timberline Drive.

Vandalism — Someone cut the caller’s fence on C.R. 6 so all her animals would get out.

Boat and Water —  Resort check on C.R. 23, Akeley.

Alarm —  Fire alarm on C.R. 37.

Property found —  A plastic baggie was found in front of a cash register in Lake George, containing a crystal-like substance.

Officer assist  —  Caller is stranded with children; another person has abandoned them this evening; 380th St.

Animal complaint  —  One cow was out of the pasture Hwy. 34 near Akeley. Caller chased the cow off the road and into the ditch.

Abandoned car —  Vehicle reported abandoned at gas station in Lake George; has been there since 2 a.m.

Theft —  A motorcycle and golf cart were stolen from caller’s garage on Broadway Road.

Motorist assist —  A semi is attempting to turn around but put its trailer in the ditch.

Boat and Water —  Boat and water violation.

Boat and Water —  Written warning for no throwable seat cushion.

Officer assist —  Highway Department employee reports that an asphalt truck dumped a pile in the southbound lane, needs help removing it.

Animal complaint —  Caller’s pony got out and hasn’t been found. It is 36 inches high, gelding, looks like a paint. No halter; approachable if not spooked. Pony’s name is “Chance.”

Traffic hazard —  Four cows are out on the road.

Animal complaint —  Caller reports three brown cows are crossing the road; have moved to the shoulder and in the ditch; not  a traffic hazard anymore.

Theft —  Purse stolen.

Animal complaint —  Calf out on the road.

Damage to property —  Cabin owners on Beach Haven Road opened their cabin and found a bullet was shot through the house, damaging the baseboard heat and other items.

Accident —  Vehicle left the road, hit an approach and went into the ditch.

Boat and Water  —  Caller states there is a houseboat on her lake and wants to know if they have the proper paperwork.

Driving complaint —  A car pulled out in front of the caller, on Hwy. 34, and is driving erratically.

Animal complaint —  Canada goose is injured, needs to be dispatched.

Agency assist — Assisting State Patrol with a stop, other people are present with subject; Wejack Road.

Animal complaint —  Brown/black/white pit bull mix, roaming  free in parking lot; has been there a few days; Hwy. 71, Laporte.

Animal complaint —  Three stray dogs are terrorizing neighborhood animals on Wildwood Road.

Damage to property —  A vehicle went through the caller’s fence sometime last night; Hwy. 71.

Assault — Male caller says he was assaulted and now is hiding outside the residence; he is wearing black, has no shoes; Explorer Circle.

Animal complaint —  Five dogs are in the road; traffic hazard; 150th Street.

Officer assist —  Complaint that the house south of caller’s business is burning garbage or rubber or something smelly, and customers are complaining. Central Avenue, Laporte.

Driving complaint —  A semi pulling a “stacker” is losing gravel.

Damage to property —  A side-by-side with three males on it went off the road and hit a sign; Hwy. 71.

Suspicious —  A woman with darker hair, light colored shirt, was on a bridge and looked like she was going to jump.

Officer assist —  Officer assist; Old Oak Tree Dr., Laporte.

Boat and Water —  Intoxicated kids on jet skis are harassing the loons.

Agency assist —  Disturbance reported at Paul Bunyan Days in Akeley.

Officer assist —  Caller would like a call back regarding neighbor who threatens to shoot her dog; Grouse Road.

Fireworks —  Neighbors are shooting off illegal fireworks; Winterberry Drive.

Community policing —  Community policing at Akeley parade.

Agency assist —  Ambulance requested at fire hall, Akeley.

Agency assist —  Kids on a dock on 11th Crow Wing Lake are being disrespectful to parents.

Agency assist —  Older woman fell off a ladder; Hulet Ave., Akeley.

Animal complaint —  Report of an injured dog on C.R. 33.


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