The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from Sept. 5-11.

Suspicious — Someone is walking in the caller’s front yard, southbound.

Suspicious — Four or five vehicles are in a field behind caller’s house on Hwy. 87; would like area checked.

Fraud —  Caller never received a credit card in the mail yesterday but now it shows he spent a couple thousand on it.

Suspicious — A suspicious vehicle is in the woods.

Officer assist —  Caller wants to speak to a deputy about his ex taking things off property they had together; divorce decree says she is not allowed to do so.

Traffic hazard —  Tree down across C.R. 23.

Noise complaint —  Traffic and loud noise on C.R. 33.

Animal bite —  Dog bite on Wildwood Road.

Fire —  Unattended bonfire.

Gun call —  High-powered rifle shots heard.

Dispute —  Caller says boyfriend is drunk and making so much noise she can’t sleep; he also took her van keys.

Noise complaint —  Neighbors to the south of caller are making noise.

Accident —  A semi has rolled over; Blue Forest Lane, Akeley.

Animal complaint —  A black and white goat is in the road on Co. 33, Nevis.

Officer assist —  Protesters are in the area; while caller was on the phone, they went back to their vehicles and left.

Damage —  Damage to roads by ATVs.

Ambulance —  Man spilled something on himself, has burns; Hwy. 34, Akeley.

Suspicious — Silver Volvo, no rear license plate; Hwy. 34.

Suspicious —  Caller says there is a houseboat north of him and two four-wheelers just headed that way; C.R. 2.

Animal complaint —  Cow on the road.

Animal complaint —  Caller found a dog on Hwy. 71, put it in her car.

Trespassing —  Report of trespassing, older people duck hunting, Hwy. 64.

Theft —  Girls took cigarettes off caller’s porch and ran away; 406th St., Laporte.

Accident —  Vehicle accident with three young girls involved, Treebark Drive.

Animal complaint —  Stray dog came to her house and killed a chicken.

Ambulance —  Young worker has arm stuck in bearings of potato machinery; Hwy. 64.

School walk-through —  Walkthrough at Laporte School.

School walk-through —  Walk-through at Nevis School.

Officer assist —  Caller wants assistance having her ex- removed from residence; there is an OFP between the two.

Welfare check —  Four and six-year olds may be unattended at residence on CR 4.

Traffic hazard —  Tree across road, Halverson Forest Road.

Traffic hazard —  Trees down across Gulch Forest Road.


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