The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from Nov 5 to 8, 2020.

Damage to property — Semi truck driver states vehicle occupant threw rock, struck/cracked windshield.

Parking violation — Laporte school grading parking lot, a car needs to be moved, Main St., Laporte.

Driving complaint — Vehicle all over road, driver threw bottle out of window while driving.

Gun call — About 20 rounds fired south of caller’s residence, Explorer Cir.

Suspicious — Black pickup parked near property, wants it chekced out due to recent thefts in area 170th St.

Gun call — Heard a couple gun shots after dark, possibly poaching deer.

Officer assist — Wants officer to help female living at his house that’s dictating his household, C.R. 33.

Ambulance — Female hard time breathing, C.R. 45.

Damage to property/vandalism — Mail box was hit last night, possibly by baseball bat, U.S. 71.

Burglary — Camper was burglarized a couple days ago.

Disturbance — Girlfriend threw her personal papers in the fire, now she’s yelling at him, C.R. 31.

Disputes/disturbances — Neighbor driving ATVs near caller’s residence in harassing manner, burning trash and smoke coming near residence, State 64.

Accident — Driver hit mailboxes, possibly intoxicated, currently changing his tires.

Disputes/disturbances — Squirrel hunters not wearing orange, when confronted they walked away then fired 10-15 shots, isn’t sure they were towards him.

Animal bite — Caller is at Sanford Hospital, Bemidji, was bitten by a dog while delivering a package, 3rd St., Akeley.

Disputes/disturbances — Dispute over 1992 Chevy pickup, Hulet Ave., Akeley.

Animal bite — Caller bittem by a dog while riding her bike, dog belongs to house on corner, not going to seek medical help, C.R. 16.

Animal complaint — Injured dove in yard, not sure what to do, NU Robco Lake Dr.

Gun call — Neighbor shooting pistol too close to his house, Elderberry Cir.

Fraud — Thinks he has counterfeit $5, Bunyan Trails, Nevis.

Deer call — Report of poaching tonight possibly yesterday, black pickup.

Traffic stop — Traffic stop, C.R. 39.


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