The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from Feb. 6 to 12.

Burglary —  Cabin was broken into, Pinewood Ln.

School walk through —  School walk through, Pleasant St., Nevis.

Harassment/stalking —  Caller reports he is being harassed by a female on Facebook messenger, Wildwood Rd.

Driving complaint —  Complaint on the casino vans blowing through stop sign, Cass Lake.

Officer assist —  Would like a deputy to check his residence as his neighbor was broken into recently, Pinewood Ln., Laporte.

Alarm —  Distress alarm going off at bank, Bunyan Trails Dr., Nevis.

Theft —  Caller reporting that break-in at their house, 452nd St.

Driving complaint —  Black Equinox driving fast, all over the road.

Suspicious —  Kids walking around and standing outside in the cold, Third Ave., Nevis.

Agency assist —  Out with a truck that lost a load of lumber.

Snowmobile —  Snowmobile violation.

Pine Manor walk away —  Female walked away, does not feel she is dressed for the weather, Hwy. 34, Nevis.

Snowmobile —  Failure to display current North Dakota registration.

Traffic stop —  Traffic stop, Chevy Impala 2009.

Agency assist —  Party pumped $50.71 in gas, told clerk he forgot his wallet and would return to pay, 24 hours later he has not come back, Broadway St., Akeley

Driving complaint —  Caller states he was almost run off the road by a truck that was passing him.

Suspicious —  Caller believes he heard someone screaming from behind his residence, 229th Ave.

Fire —  Caller says his semi truck is on fire, fully engulfed and parked near his shop; 460th St.

Check crimes —  Caller reports checks being fraudulently written on caller’s closed bank account; C.R. 36.

Harassment —  Caller is receiving harassing phone calls in the middle of the night from an unknown party; Wisteria Drive.

Walk-through —  School walk-through in Laporte.

Animal complaint —  Complaint of dogs running loose on the road, 229th Ave.; this is an ongoing issue.

Officer assist —  Caller would like to speak to an officer about safety issues.

Pine Manor walk-away —  A man has taken off on foot from Pine Manor on Hwy. 34.

Officer assist —  Caller wants to speak with an officer about issues at his property with his ex-wife; 452nd St.

Animal complaint —  Neighbors’ dogs are running loose; they are dangerous.

Walk-through —  School walk-through in Laporte.

Accident —  Son’s car was hit while parked in the driveway;  129th Ave., Becida. Would like a report for insurance.

Domestic —  Caller wants to speak with a deputy about an earlier domestic incident between  him and his wife; C.R. 119.

Burglary —  Open door reported at 393rd St., Laporte

Officer assist —  Caller wants an officer present at residence when transfer of property between ex’s occurs; 452nd St., Becida.

Walk-through —  School walk-through in Nevis.

Neglect —  Possible dog neglect, Hulet Ave., Akeley.


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