The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from Feb. 25-March 6.

Traffic owner —  A landowner left a stock trailer in the road; snow plow driver can’t plow round it. Caller says this is an ongoing problem with the owner.

Motorist assist —  Deputy out helping change a flat tire.

Driving complaint —  A vehicle is swerving all over the road.

Abandoned car —  Checking on an abandoned vehicle.

Abandoned car —  An abandoned vehicle has been in the ditch since Saturday.

Suspicious —  Caller reports six letter are damaged in the mailbox; is concerned someone is tampering with the mail.

Motorist assist —  A gray Dodge Ram, headed toward Walker, ran out of gas; has a child in the vehicle.

Trespassing —  Caller says people trespassed on his property to gain access to a lake to fish.

Check crimes —  Caller says ex-boyfriend forged signature and cashed a check.

Officer assist —  Caller shares a driveway with a neighbor, whose vehicle is stuck there. Caller is concerned that the vehicle won’t be moved any time soon.

Animal complaint —  Caller says neighbor’s horses are in his yard again.

Suspicious —  Report of suspicious behavior in Laporte; man is driving a vehicle back and forth and parking on the road.

Motorist assist —  Motorist assist at Kabekona Corner.

Motorist assist —  Vehicle is stuck at an intersection in Laporte.

Attack —  A person damaged a plow truck by ramming into it with his own vehicle, then using a crowbar and hammer.

Agency assist —  Ongoing issues with clerks who are having issues with undesirable patrons who are on narcotics coming into a store in Akeley.

Parking complaint —  A parked vehicle in a driveway is obstructing the snowmobile path.

Abandoned vehicle —  Vehicle abandoned for three days in a ditch.

Suspicious —  Caller reports a suspicious vehicle was in her driveway.

Suspicious —  Vehicle parked at the end of the driveway, shining lights at the trailer.

Officer assist —  Person needs assistance picking up her belongings and her child.

Suspicious —  White Explorer-type SUV drove by slowly, took pictures of the caller’s house. When the caller went outside, the SUV took off.

Agency assist —  Person would like to speak to a deputy about child custody; Akeley.

Domestic —  Caller can hear neighbors in the basement screaming at each other.

Driving complaint —  Caller reports a truck hauling a trailer with snowmobiles on it has no tail lights. Hard to see in the blowing snow; the truck is behind a snow plow.

Traffic hazard —  Caller reports a pile of wood in the roadway.

Vehicle off-road —  A car is stuck in the ditch on C.R. 16, about 0.75 mi. off Hwy. 71, southbound lane; unoccupied.

Dispute —  Verbal disagreement between family members, Cass Lake.

Suspicious —  Caller believes someone is parked on the road near her house; Akeley.

Suspicious —  Caller reports two people in a green car are going through his mailbox; Akeley.

Agency assist —  Caller wants to speak with officer about a suspicious person who comes into the church in Akeley; they don’t feel comfortable.

Animal report —  A deer in the caller’s yard in Laporte is not getting up.

Mailbox damage —  A group of mailboxes was hit by a vehicle  this morning.

Theft —  Wallet stolen from a Cass Lake home.

Animal complaint —  Two Saint Bernards showed up at the caller’s residence; doesn’t know who owns them.

Fire —  A plow truck is on fire about 100 feet from a structure.

Officer assist —  Person is trying to get his property back; has attempted to contact the person who has it several times

Officer assist —  A person who was pushing snow possibly broke the caller’s fence.

Officer assist —  Vehicle has broken down; caller says they are losing heat fast and there are children in the vehicle.

Possible fire —  Caller reports smoke coming out of garage door. Unsure if it’s ventilation/heat or a fire.


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