The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from Aug. 29-Sept. 4.

Fire —  Kitchen is full of smoke, don’t see flames; everyone is out of house; 229th Ave.

Traffic hazard —  Fallen tree blocking one lane of traffic, C.R. 18.

Animal complaint —  Neighbor’s dog is in caller’s yard; Ermine Trail.

Child custody —  Officer requested during pick up of minor children.

ATV/OHV — ATVs, side by sides, speeding on road.

Accident — Vehicle ran a stop sign, hit caller’s vehicle, then fled.

Boat and Water —  Resort check, Akeley.

Driving complaint —  Vehicle tailgating, swerving on road.

ATV/OHV —  Complaint about ATVs and a dirt bike.

Ambulance —  Severe nose bleed that won’t stop; Wejack Road.

Officer assist —  Caller’s boyfriend locked her out of the house and she has nowhere to go;Hwy. 71.

Officer assist —  Complaint about speeding on Chokecherry Drive.

Ambulance —  Older man is having trouble breathing; Schoolcraft Trail.

Alarm —  Garden shed door alarms, Hwy. 87, Akeley.

Traffic stop —  TZD traffic stop, Broadway E., Akeley.

Theft —  Propane tanks stolen from cabin; Hillview Road.

Deer call —  Deer was hit on Hwy. 71, still alive; State Patrol will respond.

Community policing  —  Assistance at Becida Parade.

Traffic hazard —  Report of two young girls putting rocks in the road so cars hit them.

Damage to property —  Caller’s son saw youths damaging signs on Fairwood Drive Bridge.

Officer assist —  Report of a neighbor’s 8-9 year old running out into traffic.

Driving complaints —  Reckless driving by youths.

Ambulance —  Woman appears to be passed out behind the wheel. Caller will wait next to the vehicle.

Traffic stops — Two traffic stops in Laporte

Property found —  Caller found a case containing a gun while cutting grass on C.R. 89.

Traffic stop —  Traffic stop in Laporte.

Boat and Water —  Very young jet ski riders on lake, getting too close to docks.

Property found —  New Polaris ATV abandoned in the grass by the river.

Traffic stop —  Traffic stop in Lake George.

Alarm —  SW high school hall door alarm, Laporte.

Assault —  Caller wants to report she was assaulted last night.

Ambulance —  Wearer of an alarm cannot be reached by alarm company; Old Sunset Dr., Laporte.  Company asks Sheriff’s Office to check.

Property lost —  Lost wallet in Paul Bunyan Forest; N. on C.R. 2 toward Waboose Lake, just past the access.

Fire alarm —  Main smoke detector activated; C.R. 37, Laporte.

Property found —  Unoccupied boat washed up in front of caller’s residence on C.R. 40.

Traffic stop —  Traffic stop in Laporte.

Ambulance —  Man recently had surgery; feels weak, sweaty; Laporte

Ambulance —  Man is having extreme back pain, Hwy. 200, Benedict.

Animal complaint —  Cattle out on the road, Laporte.

Officer assist —  Caller wants assistance when picking up personal property; Laporte.


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