The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from May 7-13, 2020.

Scam possible —  Caller believes he’s victim of bail scam, C.R. 38.

Fire —  Brush on fire threatening nearby houses, Walnut Dr, Cass Lake.

Ambulance —  Husband is semi conscious, Northern Lights Trl.

Gun call —  Caller reporting loud booms in her area, 480th St.

Burglary —  Caller’s pole building broken into and several items stolen, occurred in past two weeks, Inwood Trl.

Traffic hazard —  Man wearing all black, walking on side of road trying to get vehicles to hit him, C.R. 39.

ATV/OHV —  ATV violation, no registration, Broadway E., Akeley.

ATV/OHV —  ATV traffic stop, C.R. 2, Nevis.

Animal complaint —  Caller’s neighbor’s dog is attacking her dog when they go for walks, Wild Wing Dr.

Fire —  Caller reporting a fire in her residence, she’s evacuating, C.R. 39, Laporte.

ATV/OHV —  Red 4-wheeler traveling in wrong direction, fleeing from officers, State Hwy., 34.

Noise complaint —  Caller states neighbor drives up and down road, revving engine; this is not the first time; 109th Ave.

Officer assist —  Caller sold Lincoln Navigator, never got paid for it, also claiming fraud with tabs, C.R. 19.

Community policing —  Happy Birthday salute parade, C.R. 18.

Parking violation/complaint —  Neighbor is parking trailer on caller’s property, Arcade Loop.

Suspicious —  Caller states that a deputy told him that if he located a certain man again, he should call. The caller saw him near Omega Drive on the trail wearing all black, with a black backpack.

Trespassing —  Central Ave., Laporte.

Disputes/disturbances —  Somewhat uncooperative male in detox; requesting officer assistance, State Hwy., 34.

Fire —  Caller states last year they had a problem with people having bonfires by the access and that currently there is a fire there, even though it’s posted, warning to not have fires.

Officer assist —  Caller reporting her friend  has refused to return  her vehicle, Old Sunset Dr.

Animal complaint —  Neighbor’s dog is in caller’s backyard, on-going issue, caller has pictures, C.R. 39.

Animal complaint —  Caller’s friend found a lost yellow Lab, took possession of the animal.

Traffic stop —  Out with vehicle pulling a boat, trailer bearing  has  almost started on fire.

Animal complaint —  Caller reports seeing two large white animals in the distance in her yard.

Scam — Possible scam reported, Wildwood Road, Cass Lake.

Gun call —  Caller reports hearing a gunshot outside her house; Bounty Drive.

Fire —  Leech Lake Department of Public Safety reports a very large brush fire in a field on County 30.

Animal complaint —  Caller reports a young black bear with a trap stuck on its paw is in their yard; 285th Avenue.

Suspicious —  An unknown man is outside of the caller’s residence, hiding; Hwy. 34.


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