Hubbard County Sheriff’s Report

The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from Oct. 31 through Nov. 3.

Ambulance —  Woman fell, possibly broke arm. Husband can’t get her into the car; 145th Ave.

Accident —  Caller hit a deer, vehicle is not drivable.

Theft —  Wallet stolen from vehicle, 470th St.

Ambulance —  Man is dizzy, light-headed; Oxbow Circle.

Harassment —  Report of harassment, C.R. 18.

Suspicious —  Man in a blue hatchback appears to be casing the place; C.R. 9.

Ambulance —  Woman is suffering from shortness of breath, racing heart; C.R. 30.

ATV/OHV — Underage  driver reported

Ambulance —  Caller suffering heart pain after surgery; also low blood pressure; C.R. 3.

Officer assist  —  Mother is having trouble with son; he took her vehicle keys, is inside the house with two others. She asked him to leave but he refuses; C.R. 6.

Trespassing —  Vehicle has been trespassing; C.R. 18.

Theft —  Possible theft from vehicle overnight; Hwy. 71, Lake George.

Officer assist —  Caller thinks ex- is possibly drinking and driving with child in car; wants to know options before he meets up with her.

Driving complaint —  Caller says a southbound F350 1 ton work vehicle has two intoxicated men inside.

Officer assist —  Skidsteer trailer parked in ditch; tire blown.

Driving complaint —  Red Honda is swerving all over the road.

Officer assist —  Caller needs assistance with property retrieval; Wildwood Ave.

Accident —  Two-vehicle crash; one person complaining of head pain.

Suspicious — Caller says strange vehicles keep turning around in her driveway; Laporte.

Assault/fight —  Two individuals called 911 to complain that they were assaulted by the other; Woodbine Drive.

Officer assist —  Intoxicated woman left the caller’s property on foot; not dressed for the weather; C.R. 9.

Assault — Woman is bleeding from injuries to face inflicted by boyfriend; C.R. 89.

Officer assist —  Officer assist with child issues; 470th St.

Property lost —  Caller lost a pistol in the Paul Bunyan State forest.

Officer assist —  Daughter wants to leave; dad shut off phone and power to house, won’t let her leave. Vinewood Road.

Officer assist  —  Caller wants mother removed from premises after the mother threw hot coffee on caller; Hwy. 71.

Officer assist —  Child walked away from Laporte School; when informed, parents told school to call the sheriff.

Burglary —  Contractor had tools stolen out of a residence sometime after 11 a.m. yesterday; 169th Ave.

Abandoned car —  Deputy is out with a vehicle that is missing its front wheel.

Officer assist —  Child is uncomfortable in home; 167th Ave.

Abandoned car —  Caller reports a wrecked vehicle quite a ways in the woods; didn’t appear to be occupied; unsure how long it’s been there.

Suspicious —  Caller reports someone is throwing things at the side of her house and hooting and hollering in her back yard; Night Hawk Road.

Domestic —  Verbal domestic, Wildwood Road

Disputes, disturbance —  Caller says someone is trying to kick down her back door; Night Hawk road.

Mailbox damage —  Mailbox on C.R. 7 was damaged

Community policing —  Lunch hour with students at Laporte School.

Animal complaint —  Cows are out; location not given.

Animal complaint —  Caller reports a black dog on a leash is all alone; concerned for dog’s welfare; Central Ave., Laporte.


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