Hubbard County Sheriff’s Report

The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from May 6-9.

Animal complaint —  Nuisance bear is damaging bird feeders; 498th St.

Property lost —  Caller lost the rear license plate on her vehicle.

Alarm —  Office smoke detector activated; C.R. 48.

Alarm — Main smoke fire alarm activated; C.R. 37, Laporte

911 hang up —  Cass County advises that a small child has 911 numerous times with no known emergency taking place; 406th Street.

Gun call —  Neighbors have been shooting guns all morning; C.R. 39

Damage to property —  Caller says someone took a large nail and pounded it through the siding of her residence, affixing a real estate card; Dreamcatcher Trail.

Child custody —  Caller wants to speak with a deputy about custody issue.

Disturbance —  A large underage party is just getting started at the Lake Newman access; about nine cars are there now.

Animal bite —  Caller reports she was bitten by her uncle’s dog.

Animal complaint —  A dog is in the caller’s yard, barking and growling; Hwy. 71.

Animal complaint —  Leech Lake police report a caller shot two bears that had been damaging his property; the bears took off into the woods.

Suspicious — Caller reports a vehicle driving past with someone screaming, “Help.”

Abandoned car —  Abandoned  vehicle parked in the brush in the ditch; has been there several days.

Alarm —  North administration motion alarm activated at Laporte School

Theft —  Tackle boxes stolen from caller’s boat, parked at his own dock on Portage Lake.

Boat and Water Patrol —  Citation for no life jacket.

Theft — Money reported stolen, 167th Ave.

Agency assist —  Traffic stop on Hwy. 64,

Agency assist  —  Two vehicle crash, possible injuries.

Officer assist —  Daughter is being verbally abuse to mother.

Domestic —  Individuals are fighting; one is intoxicated; Hwy. 71.

Off-road —  A vehicle is in the ditch west of the caller’s house on C.R. 44, Laporte. Caller cannot see it, just hears it as it tries to get out of the ditch.

Dispute —  Caller reports multiple offenses that have been ongoing the last couple of weeks; C.R. 9, Becida.

Ambulance—  Camper at 11th Crow Wing Lake Drive, Akeley, severed finger.

Damage to property —  Caller reports car parts in her yard and damage to her property and mailbox; Hwy. 34.

Accident —  Car/deer crash; one person has a small cut but refuses medical attention. The deer is off the roadway.

Traffic hazard —  Cow is out of pasture, standing by  the  road.

Boat and Water —  Caller reports boats from a fishing tournament on Leech Lake, speeding down the Kabekona River, disturbing a loon nest.

Animal complaint — Caller picked up a small dog on the road that is covered in wood ticks and porcupine quills; wants advice on what to do.

Sad sight —  Dead fox in the middle of the road; two fox kits are staying by the dead fox, putting themselves at risk of being hit.

Property found —  Caller reports an older pontoon washed up by his dock.

Animal complaint —  Caller had two stray dogs in her yard; caught one, but the other took off. Wants to know what to do with the animal.

Fire —  Owner just returned from being out of town to find his barn burned down.

Animal complaint —  Three cows, black with white spots, on the Heartland Trail.

Disturbance — Caller says a person came onto her property and agitated her dogs.

Suspicious — Report of a suspicious vehicle near a summer cabin, Crooked Pine Trail.

Boat and  Water —  Caller found a 1992 Old Town canoe washed up on shore; will keep it there if the owner is located

Animal complaint —  Caller on C.R. 39, Laporte, reports hearing what sounds like a dog in distress north of her near the trail.

Fireworks —  Caller wants the fireworks stopped; Wejack Road.


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