The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from Nov. 21 to 24.

Accident —  Silver car upside down in ditch, doors open, no one around.  

Ambulance —  Older woman injured hip, CR 45.

Animal complaint —  Report of injured swan on side of road.

Alarm —  General alarm, Hwy. 34.

Driving complaint —  Cadillac all over the road.

Accident —  Vehicle in ditch, seems to be trying to get out.

Alarm —  Zone 15 alarm activated, location on State 34.

Accident —  Two vehicle accident, car vs truck, no injuries.

Driving complaint —  Red car swerving all over the road, varying rates of speed.

Driving complaint —  Silver car all over the road, driving fast.

Officer assist —  Officer reports someone flagging him down.

Suspicious —  Unknown man knocking on caller’s window and door, Wejack Rd.

Theft —  Caller states her giant inflatable unicorn was stolen overnight, Hwy. 34, Nevis.

Officer assist —  Caller wants officer present while retrieving his dog from previous residence to make sure occupant is civil, Night Hawk Rd.

Suspicious —  Caller is purchasing ice auger, concerned it might be stolen, 480th St.

Vehicle stolen —  Report of stolen truck, CR 3.

Animal complaint —  Caller noticed injured wolf, worried it might be dangerous due to the wound.

Ambulance —  Older many, high blood pressure and stomach pain, Second St.

Animal complaint —  Caller found a dead bear recently shot, possibly poached, wants possession tag, Hwy 30, Laporte.

Accident —  Vehicle went through fence, now abandoned, Wolf Lake Rd.

Officer assist —  People hunting geese on city property, two trucks, decoys.

Gun call —  Complaints about neighbors shooting and blowing things up, Edgewood Loop.

Suspicious —  Unknown party tried breaking into partys’ residence on Nov. 6, Waterwheel Rd.

Gun Call —  Caller’s neighbors shooting guns for past few hours, might be discharging guns in unsafe manner.

Suspicious —  Vehicle drove onto property in a suspicious manner.

Theft —  Caller reports theft of items from her house within the past month, CR 6.

Officer assist —  Caller has questions regarding juveniles staying alone, CR 32.


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