The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from Oct. 10-13.

Traffic stop —  Traffic stop, Leech Lake Police Dept.

Driving complaint —  Caller reports potato truck driving without headlights.

Accident —  Vehicle backed into parking lot, Bunyan Trails Dr., Nevis.

Suspicious — Mercury Mountaineer parked by a burn pile in a field that belongs to a Cass County STS crew leader.

Abandoned car —  Caller reports that six years ago, he allowed a party to leave their vehicle at his place for two weeks. However the vehicle is still there and caller can’t reach the owner to have it removed; C.R. 9.

Custody questions —  Child custody questions, Main Horseshoe Road, Laporte.

Officer assist — Missing boat, Egret Road.

Domestic —  Caller reports a man is punching a woman in the ditch across from the caller’s residence; 159th Ave.

Ambulance —  Man has fallen; Helm Dr., Akeley.

Suspicious —  Caller reports a person with car problems, acting odd, came in the back door; is making caller uncomfortable; red Chevy Cavalier; Hwy. 71, Laporte.

Fire —  Fire in driveway possible electric lines burning in tree. Big explosion, power is out, flames are out; Downstream Drive.

Suspicious —  Caller says a man came to his residence says he is stuck and needs to borrow a chainsaw to remove trees across the road.

Animal neglect —  Possible horse neglect reported by caller; 200th Street.

Alarm —  Lakeside lower level door alarm activated at residence on C.R. 39.

Alarm —  Front door burglar alarm activated, Firelight Drive.

Officer assist —  Safety issues with a student at Nevis school; he has something in his pockets but will not show school staff.

Car vs bear —  Caller states they hit a bear; Hubbard units out of position, transferred call to State Patrol.

Gun call —  Rapid gunfire, possibly semi-automatic, 317th St., possibly closer to C.R. 9.

Ambulance —  Woman is possibly suffering anaphylactic shock, C.R. 97, Becida.

Driving complaint —  Dark purple Chevy, driven by woman, possibly drunk. Left on Hwy. 2, will be turning south on C.R. 45 to go toward Akeley.

Agency assist  —  Owner of a vacant lot in Akeley says a small white car is parked there and she wants it removed.

Officer assist —   Caller wants to know if he can grouse hunt in the Paul Bunyan State Forest.

Ambulance —  Laporte man is suffering from irregular heartbeat.

Domestic—  Caller says his girlfriend punched him He left the residence and is walking down C.R. 31.

Child custody —  Caller has questions about taking custody of his children from his soon-to-be ex-wife; Hwy. 34.

Found property —  Cass County received a report that a road sign was left in the yard of a private residence. Occupant of residence placed the sign against their fence in the front yard; Leech Lake Dept. of Public Safety responded.

Mailbox damage —  Second time mailbox  was damaged and empty oil jugs were left in the yard. Occurred between last night and this afternoon.

Threats —  Caller received phone threats; C.R. 9.

Child custody —  Caller is trying to pick up kids; stepmother will not allow her to take them. C.R. 44.

Domestic —  Caller reports domestic incident, suicidal male.

Suspicious —  Caller says a woman in a red four-door sedan pulled into her driveway, dropped her pants and “mooned” her; Chippewa Loop.

Animal complaint —  Dogs in caller’s yard, REA Drive, Laporte.


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