The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from August 31 to Sept. 9.

Theft —  Theft of four Trump signs, Large Pine Trail.

Fire —  Fire at access from weekend, remnants of cardboard bails.

Accident —  Trailer was backed up, hit vehicle traveling on Hwy. 87.

Driving complaint —  Caller complaining about excessive speed and jake-brakes in area, Hwy. 71.

Traffic stop —  Traffic stop, toward zero deaths, Hwy. 34.

Suspicious —  Naked man running through yard, C.R. 95.

Suspicious —  Eight kids at pier, smoking and throwing rocks, tipping picnic tables over.

Domestic —  Male caller reporting physical damage, Main St., Laporte.

Theft —  Theft of political signs, Third Ave, Nevis.

Officer assist —  Caller wants to know if trailer they want to purchase is stolen, 169th Ave.

Burglary —  Caller’s incarcerated relative’s residence was burglarized, Wejack Rd.

Driving complaint —  Vehicle pulled into caller’s driveway, almost hit her dog, vehicle took off speeding, C.R. 81.

Fraud —  Caller received three fradulent money orders with a total value of $3,000, 189th Ave.

Theft —  Theft of wave runner, Fair Oaks Dr., Nevis.

Disputes/disturbances —  Caller reporting female party screaming help, unknown what’s going on.

Animal complaint —  Two cows out of the pasture in a ditch.

Officer assist —  Argument with guy building a house, came to her door screaming about pointing a gun at her, she said she never did, 145th Ave.

Theft —  Caller states a Biden sign was stolen, Hwy. 71.

Damage to property/vandalism —  Damage to multiple mailboxes and one missing on the road, 500th St.

Traffic stop —  Traffic stop, Broadway St., Akeley.

Animal complaint —  Fifteen cows are loose at end of caller’s driveway, Fieldstone Dr.

Trespassing —  Trespassing occurred Aug. 30, Main St., Nevis.

Violation/OFP/HRO/DANCO —  Caller stated she received facebook message from party she has DANCO against, 470th St.


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