The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from March 22 to 28, 2021.

Driving complaint —  Black SUV driving erratically, went in ditch and back out, is tailgating semi.

Animal complaint —  Stray husky running around for a few days, might be injured, Broadway East, Akeley.

Animal complaint —  Horses possibly not being cared for, C.R. 91.

Theft —  Rear license plate taken, C.R. 18.

Fraud  —  Identity theft, Heartland Dr.

Fraud —  Someone filed for unemployment in her name, C.R. 31.

Animal complaint —  Three dogs on side of road, two have collars but no tags.

Traffic stop —  Traffic stop, Hwy. 34.

Animal complaint —  Cat stuck in tree for three days, C.R. 39.

Abandoned car —  Vehicle not moved in three days, caller wants to know what needs to be done to have it moved, Hwy. 34.

Officer assist —  Issues with renters that have HROs living too close to each other, C.R. 19.

Officer assist —  Questions about road restrictions, Hazelwood Dr.

Fire —  Neighbor having a fire, small explosions happening, Pleasant Ave., Akeley.

Theft —  Three dogs stolen, C.R. 91, Lake George.

Mailbox damage —  Damage to mailbox, hit by neighbor’s car, Broadway Rd.

Suspicious —  Vehicle in area for about 30 minutes, was on the road, now parked in neighbor’s driveway, 175th St.

Officer assist —  Caller has been living in the woods for about six days, needs assistance, Pine Lake County Forest Rd.

Animal complaint —  Two white and brown cows heading south on C.R. 36.

Bus arm violation —  Stop arm violation about 3:15, no kids were on the ground, Hwy. 64.

Ambulance —  Woman is having a possible allergic reaction, Rea Dr., Laporte.

Fraud —  Someone used caller’s Social Security number to open a bank account, U.S. 71, Lake George.

Theft —  Identity theft, C.R. 16, Laporte.

Child custody —  Caller isn’t being allowed to talk to his children and he’s supposed to be able to talk to them daily, C.R. 49.

Suspicious —  Several vehicles are creating chaos. A car was parked over night, someone picked it up today, 162nd St.

Traffic stop —  Traffic stop, Broadway St., Akeley.

Officer assist —  Questions about evictions during pandemic, Palomino Dr.

Officer assist —  Caller’s ex kept stimulus money for kids, won’t hand it over, 229th Ave.

Ambulance —  Client having seizure, Hwy. 34, Nevis.

Officer assist —  Dispute between exes about her retrieving her property.  She says he won’t let her. He wants a paper trail and an officer to assist him when she gets her stuff, C.R. 40.

Officer assist —  Caller wants help getting property from former residence, Wildwood Rd.

Property found —  Caller found backpack with his stolen property in it, Wildwood Rd.

Officer assist —  Caller wants to know if it’s legal to ride with his dog on his motorcycle, Hwy. 71.

Officer assist—  Property manager needs inmate to sign a no trespassing order, Hwy. 371.

Theft —  Theft of lumber from property, 109th Ave.

Gun call —  Kids are shooting guns.

Theft —  Money stolen from caller’s residence, C.R. 80.

ATV/OHV —  About 30 ATVs driving recklessly tearing up road.

Traffic hazard —  Large blocks of wood in the road.

Gun call —  Heard multiple shots for past five to 10 minutes, C.R. 48.

Minor consumption —  Request for ICR for minor party, C.R. 45.

Disputes disturbances —  Woman is outside banging on door, won’t leave property, Wildwood Rd.

Noise complaint —  Anonymous caller stating there is loud music playing at the Akeley Muni.


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