The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from Sept. 13-19.

Ambulance —  Woman fell out of bed, unknown injuries, Happy Hollow Rd.

Fire —  Fire alarm, alarm company said it was manually pulled, C.R. 13.

Accident —  Swerved to miss a deer and hit a tree, just got vehicle back to cabin.

Animal complaint —  Found, black Lab/golden retriever mix.

 Assault/fight— Woman assaulted by an individual over a phone; he has phone; also boxed her in driveway. When she tried to leave he caused damage to her vehicle, C.R. 9.

Ambulance —  Woman fell this morning, severe back pain, C.R. 39, Laporte.

Officer assist —  Requesting officer check her woods, thinks there’s people out there, Eliot Ln.

Noise complaint —  Caller has been hearing roaring for about an hour, by oil pipeline north of him, doesn’t sound like equipment, C.R. 48.

Harassment/stalking —  Caller received harassing text from ex-husband, 470th St.

Traffic hazard —  Deer is dead but in middle of road, has almost caused a couple of accidents.

Theft —  Theft of deer stand from caller’s cabin.

Trespassing —  Caller heard that someone is possibly living on family’s property. Nobody is allowed there since parents passed away, Frost Bite Rd.

Motorist assist —  Disabled vehicle, waiting on tow, providing light for traffic control.

Violation of OFP/HRO/DANCO —  Respondent of petition order is selling petitioner’s property online, 230th St.

Suspicious —  Suspicious mail sent to caller’s residence, Hwy. 87.

School walk through —  School walk through, Pleasant St., Nevis.

Harassment/stalking —  Caller being harassed via electronic means by unknown party who claims to be FBI agent, Hwy. 87.

Boat and water —  Buoy placed by Sheriff’s Office is floating away, C.R. 23, Akeley.

Animal complaint —  Deputy is out with two dogs, 169th Ave.

Officer assist —  Victim needs ride to casino for safety reasons, 34th Ave.

Property lost —  Old black/brown boxer dog with gray face, camouflage color with tags on it, Pleasant Ave. Akeley.

Officer assist —  Abandoned vehicle on property, told he could have it towed but wanted to speak with officer, Hulet Ave., Akeley.

Business check —  Business check, Bunyan Trails Dr., Nevis.

Assault/fight —  Fight at the Nevis School.

Animal complaint —  Half a dozen cows are on the road, 209th Ave.

Fire —  Laporte football field light pole is on fire, Main St., Laporte.

Accident — Caller hit a bear, car (a Honda Pilot) isn’t drivable, not injured.

Assault/fight —  Fight going on, bottles being thrown, kids involved, Akeley.

Animal complaint —  Complaint of dog coming into her yard all the time to defecate, Frost Bite Rd.

Trespassing —  Trespassing and damage to property, Vagabond Loop.

Officer assist —  Needs help getting kids back, Hillside Ave., Akeley.

Officer assist —  Individual leaving with a man that has an order against him, Hemlock Troll.

Theft —  Rods and reels taken between this morning and right now, Hulet Ave., Akeley.

Trespassing —  Woman is trespassing, took off 30 minutes ago, wearing all black, 200th St.

Ambulance —  Female party physic, Second Ave., Laporte.

Animal complaint —  Stray dog, tied up at gas station until officer is available, Broadway East, Akeley.

Suspicious — Caller believes a man is in a driveway on C.R. 25 with a rifle.

ATV/OHV —  ATVs tearing up driveway, C.R. 25, Akeley.

Boat and water —  Loose unattended pontoon between this address and Beauty Bay Resort, Hwy. 34, Nevis.

Animal complaint —  A herd of cattle is on neighbor’s land destroying food plot, 209th Ave.

Domestic —  Male party outside on deck, very impaired, 323rd Ave.

Suspicious —  Man is peeking into caller’s residence. She did date him earlier but broke it off Sept. 5. However he continues to text and try to contact her, Marie Ave., Akeley.

Officer assist —  Wrecker just dropped off crashed car at her residence that isn’t hers, 295th Ave., Laporte.

Officer assist —  Issues with upset child at mom’s house, C.R. 39.


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