The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents for the northern part of Hubbard County from Feb. 8 to 15, 2021.

Traffic stop —  Abandoned vehicle partially blocking lane.

Officer assist —  Wants officer to check property with him, Waterlily Trl.

Noise complaint —  Neighbors playing loud music, C.R. 33.

School walk-through —  School walk through, Pleasant St., Nevis.

Domestic —  Verbal domestic, Wejack Rd.

Alarm —  Front door alarm, Broadway St., Akeley.

Ambulance —  Man is having seizure, C.R. 9.

Domestic —  Grandson pushed grandaughter, throwing stuff, knocking stuff on the floor, 315th Ave.

Scam possible —  Concerns over voicemail, 346th St.

Ambulance —  Older woman needs lift assist, Marie Ave., Akeley.

Officer assist —  Caller can’t put gas in her car, can’t take card out of pump, store clerk refusing to help because of temperature, Broadway St., Akeley.

Suspicious —  Silver car is parked don’t know if something is wrong with driver, had a weird feeling.

Officer assist —  Civil property dispute, C.R. 39.

Fire —  Fire in fireplace, flames out top of chimney, put it out where they could, believes it’s still burning inside, 110th St.

Traffic stop —  Traffic stop, Broadway St., Akeley.

Business check —  Business check, Main St., Nevis.

Accident —  Two vehicle head-on collision.

Fraud —  Caller states he was scammed out of firearms and fishing equipment, Hubbard Line Rd.

Gas drive-off —  Woman driver with four passengers didn’t pay for $21.68 in fuel, east bound on Hwy. 34, Broadway East, Akeley.

Officer assist —  Forged checks, C.R. 18, Nevis.

Traffic stop —  Traffic stop, Broadway East, Akeley.

Gun call —  Truck went west with someone shooting out of window, car turned north on 279th, truck kept going west, C.R. 9.

Suspicious —  Requested suspicious vehicle ICR, Bunyan Trails Dr., Nevis.

Threats —  Caller received threatening call from previous employee, Mystic Ln.

Ambulance —  Husband is vomiting blood, unconscious, Schoolcraft, Dr.

Motorist assist —  Car flashing lights at passing vehicles, caller is concerned for their safety due to cold, State 34, Nevis.

Officer assist —  Caller’s furnace not working, Franklin Ave., Akeley.

Theft —  Caller states her jacket and keys were stolen from residence, C.R. 39, Laporte.

Theft —  Eskimo ice house stolen in last couple days from Long Lake.

Business check —  Business check, Bunyan St., Nevis.

Harassment/stalking —  Wants to talk to officer about her ex-husband harassing her, C.R. 39.

Property found —  Officer found yellow and black battery charger on the side of roadway, State 34.

Fire —  Caller’s chicken coop is on fire, Ember Loop.

Officer assist —  Caller wants to talk with officer about possible breaking and entering at his residence, Wildwood Rd., Cass Lake.

Threats —  Threats made toward caller on facebook, C.R. 25, Akeley.

Fire —  House on fire, C.R. 9.

Alarm —  General fire alarm, Pleasant St., Nevis.

Officer assist —  Reports individuals kicked him out, refuse to give him any of his belongings or tools, Frost Bite Rd., Akeley.

Suspicious —  Caller saw tracks in snow leading to neighbor’s property, 470th St., Laporte.

Accident —  Semi rolled on its side.


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