Greetings, friends and neighbors!

First of all, I would like to wish these individuals a very happy birthday this month:

Feb. 4, Katie Smith; Feb. 5, Darci Isham; Feb. 6, Jaired Jackson, Feb. 20, Kristen Jones, Feb. 21, Traci Cloud and Feb. 24, Tiffani Haugen.

On Jan. 24, I attended “Let the Healing Begin,” a workshop about suicide and the many lives it touches. It is taking the lives of our young people. I remember not too long ago elders said that we are going to be losing a whole generation of our people. That is the sad truth. We need to know the signs and help when we are able. I think everyone should be aware of this cry for help. It is all around us and very scary.

I took a few youth to see the movie “Strange Magic” on Jan. 30. It was rather interesting with a lot of great music. I was shocked to hear the kids singing. Strange Magic and Sugar Pie Honey Bunch!

On Jan. 31, I took a few to the cultural retreat held in Bena. They had a chance to learn how to play the moccasin game, play an Ojibwe word game or do a beading project. The Youth Division hosts a cultural retreat every month at different community centers. There are many activities to choose from. We have done archery, tracking, learned how to use a compass, made medicine pouches, skinned a deer, cleaned fish and gathered medicine. It all depends on what time of year it is. Storytelling was done mostly in the winter.

All last week at WHA was Paraprofessional Week.  Thank you to everyone who made us feel special. We got candy, a nice water cup and pizza for lunch. Thank you, staff and the PTO.

Sunday I still enjoy staying home, doing housecleaning at a leisurely pace. Seriously! My kids helped me; I handed them Clorox wipes, and away they went, disinfecting almost everything. But some Sundays I have to work. I will be taking youth up to the WACC for ice skating. Skate rental is $1. The kids enjoy that activity quite a bit.

The Evergreen Conference will soon be here; the dates are March 19-20. This conference fills up fast. It has something for everyone. I am not sure of the location but you can find it on the internet.

Charles, Gozi’s birthday present puppy, is a very energetic, quite entertaining, and is still trying to become friends with Bono. We have always had dogs as part of our family.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who takes time to read my articles.

And to Mark Hall and family, thoughts and prayers for you as you go through surgery. He is a fourth-grade teachers at WHA. Hurry back!


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