We had another excellent Powwow July 24-26. Lots of dancers and many drums. I’m pretty sure that the vendors did well too, with their arts, crafts and food.

The team dance special is always a big hit for both participants and spectators. Some of our local young dancers took third place this year.

On July 26-29 we attended the Joining Voices Conference at Fond du lac Tribal College. The college is very nice. The two young women, Moni and Apache, have expressed interest in attending after high school. They even took it upon themselves to find out what kinds of sports are available. They even had a chance to go zip lining at Spirit Mountain. I enjoy keeping both feet on the ground, though. Some of the break-out sessions included arts and crafts, plant identification and even bullying prevention.

A few of us got together Aug. 2  to put together small gifts for our Korean friends. On Aug. 4-6 we hosted the Korean visitors again in Onigum. This was the 10th year they have been in our community. The youth enjoy spending time with them at the Center. On Aug. 6 we held a mini-powwow, and the Koreans entertained us all with their own drums. Then we feasted on Korean cuisine and Indian tacos. Next year they will be going to a different community.

The summer food program has been very well attended. Aug. 14 is the last day. Thanks, Brenda, for cooking for all the youth. There will be a sleep over Aug. 13-14 in S. Lake. It was scheduled for last month but things didn’t work out at that time.  I will be there for the daytime but won’t be camping.

On Aug. 21 I am going to Seven Clans Water Park and taking all the summer youth workers. They will need to pay for their own arm bands and food for the day.

My sister Bev and I have been walking for at least one hour per day for two months now. We both have high blood pressure and need to exercise. I’m not ashamed to admit that. We get to spend time together walking, talking, laughing and sharing. Charles usually comes with us but Cheef likes to stop traffic, so he gets to stay home.

And the countdown to the first day of school begins! A few youth have told me they are ready to go back. That’s always a good sign!

I watched a movie on the Lifetime Channel titled “Perfect High.” It touched very close to home. It showed how people can get addicted to pain pills very fast and then have to move on to something else. I have some family members who are struggling with drugs and/or alcohol. It affects whole families and communities.

Aug. 9 was my brother Bart’s birthday. He would have been 58. He loved my potato soup and fry bread. So I made some and had a few people over at my house. During the winter time he always kept the fire going. It felt so good to step into a nice warm house after being outside in the cold. Happy Birthday, bro.

The OLIC meeting has been changed to Aug. 18 at 6:30 p.m. with potluck before the meeting.


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