Ah-neen, readers! The weather has been on the chilly side, so please make sure that your little ones are dressed properly for school.

The Rotary Reader Challenge started last week. Would you be so kind as to check your student’s folders and backpacks for important information? The goal this year is to reach 50,000 books read! That is a lot of reading, I know, but it will also be a time to sit and listen to your child read. I know we can do it. Go, readers!

Homework is another thing that is very important too. My little guy tries to sneak things past me, but I’m a little bit smarter than he is.  We need to stay on top of these things; it will help our children in the long run.

And then there is attendance. I kid you not when I say, they learn something new every day! When they miss many days, that only means that they are that many days behind their classmates. I cannot express just how important attendance is. Parents and guardians, it is your responsibility to get them up and off to school. Both of my children are in bed by 8:30 p.m. on school nights. They need at least eight hours of sleep to wake up refreshed and ready to learn.

Snacks, snacks, snacks  are very much needed in grades K-6. The children enjoy the break in the afternoon with snacks and milk.

On Oct. 16, we went to Seven Clans Waterpark. We are going to plan another trip Nov. 14. I will have a sign-up sheet in the WHA School Commons area this week.

On Oct. 17, I took five basketball players to the Boys and Girls Club in Cass Lake. They played two games with one win and one loss. It is always about having fun; the season is almost over.

Then we went to a Halloween Dance at the Facility Center in Cass Lake. All attendees got free tickets to the Bena Scream House. So we were gone for most of the day.

Sunday I did my usual chores. I even got to watch a couple of episodes of C.S.I. Special Victims Unit. Then Char took over the tube and watched the Disney Channel.

We are planning on having a party Oct. 30 at the Community Center for the youth of Onigum. Once I get the flyers printed, I will pass them out at school as usual.

A great big shout-out to Louise Bottrell. I haven’t seen you at the grocery store in awhile; that was our meeting place!

I actually missed all the beautiful fall colors. We had some crazy winds that took the leaves. I didn’t get one picture this year. I think we totally skipped Indian Summer — but fall is still my favorite time of year.

I am still going to the Boys and Girls Club in Walker most days. There is going to be some new staff very soon.

Here’s hoping that you all have a pleasant week.


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