Project Rachel is her name and restoration is her game. Except, it’s no game at all — not in this project.

It’s real. All too real it is as the recovery from abortion is possible and restoration brings healing. Rachel by any other name would smell as sweet because there are numerous projects out there which can help those who are recovering from the pain of abortion.

Painful it is to carry within the secret. Some deny that there’s no pain at all, but then sideways it comes out. I saw it. Inside the lower lip it was engraved like a graven image — ABORTION.

As the one who’d been tattooed in order to prove it was no big deal, she sat stalwart. Justifying her right, she sat in attired dress imprinted with the word ABORTION scrawled all over it, her tattoo forever a reminder that it didn’t bother her in the least to take the least of these.

If it is such a private matter why would one be sitting there trying to convince the next generation that they, too, can have their rights. Just seemed all odd to me that freedoms wrought can be taught in such a way, but to be honest, I’m not sure that those looking on bought it.

The pain is all too real. Although for a fleeting moment, it seems as though abortion might be a solution, the reality is that now remaining is a lifetime of loss.

Not much triggers anger within me, and truth be told, not even abortion triggers it. Those who have chosen it do not anger me. What angers me are the lies behind the veil down the road for those moms, those dads, who are now parents to a nonliving child.

What angers are the hidden secrets of such secrets and the money in the fists that are taking those lives. The lies are intentional. They are created to destroy not only the child, but the adults who are fed them. That is evil at its finest.

Moms know it. Dads know it. And thus, Project Rachel is there for a purpose far greater. Groups such as these are there to give hope and to help bring about restorative recovery from the trauma of abortion. The sadness, the depression, the addictions, and the suicides that follow abortion are more secrets withheld.

In case you have experienced pain from the lies told you, here are a few more places to check out.

“Rachel’s Vineyard” weekend retreats are there for you, or Heartbeat International. Perhaps healing will come by way of “PATH” (Post abortion individual peer support). Wanna go deep? Look into “Deeper Still” which offers healing to not only those who have had abortions, but to those who may have participated in them. “Care Net” cares for those in the wake of healing.

The healing does not come in the covering up of a lie you innocently believed. The healing will come when you receive the care from those who care enough to help in the restoration you are worthy of. It brings the transformative art of healing that only He can give.

He promises to never leave you nor forsake you (Heb. 13:5). You are His and there is not one thing He did not die for. If you believe you have committed offenses far greater than His ability to forgive, that is even a bigger lie than needs addressing. Freedom comes in allowing yourself to place the burden squarely upon His shoulders in order that restorative recovery may begin and end with Him. He thirsts for you for such a time as this. Amen.

Kathleen Kjolhaug lives on the family homestead outside of Clearbrook with her husband Pete. She enjoys writing about family life and brings humor into the sacred moments of everyday living.

Theology in the Trenches appears in several local newspapers throughout Minnesota. Kathleen can be reached by e-mail at


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