It’s not all that hard you know…taming the wild within. Oh,  we like to play all tough like, but deep down, we know better.

The world round us seems to be tilted as we become jilted when the wild within all begins to come out. We wonder aloud at times. “Has it always been this way?” And we pray the answer is yes because it just — well — it just makes us feel safer.

In my day, we watched the wild things on public display every now and again because TV was the mode of operation and the plumb-line of how bad it could actually get in this world was there for all to see. I suppose that part hasn’t changed much but every generation makes their mark and upon the scene when I was growing up came the Beatles.

Wild things they were and when Ed Sullivan introduced them on his show, the whole world watched, or at least those with a TV. As they grooved to the beat of their art form, it didn’t seem so out of control. Why? Because there stood Ed, all solid like in his suit and tie, not only introducing them, but shaking their hands all gentleman-like. After all, how bad could the wild get with Ed at the helm?

I suppose that part hasn’t changed, the part where we need someone all solid like giving the nod that things will be well when the plumbline of life begins to move. He wasn’t there to have them shape-up, but he marveled at the talent they brought to the table with little fear in his eyes. Truth be told, I do believe he actually smiled when it was all said and done.

He invited in the new. He invited in their talent. Did they make an impact on this world? Indeed they did. Was it for the better? I suppose if you like their music, it was. My husband was a fan. I was too cheap to spend money on albums, but he did and still has his collection.

Did their plumbline and the likes of whatever it was they stood for rock my husband’s world? Not one bit. He just kept walking his walk because his plumbline was not of this world. It was from a different source where the wild things become tame. Tamed to truth they are, and when we look at the wild within us? Well, He created us in His image and did just not say it was good. He said, “It was VERY good.”

May our love be greater than our fear of the wild things we encounter all around. May we trust that even in this — He is “I am” — because He truly is. May we trust that He will use all things He has created within us, especially the bit of the wild within us that ekes out every so oft.

“Then God looked over all He had made, and He saw that it was very good!” Genesis1:31. Amen.

Kathleen Kjolhaug lives on the family homestead outside of Clearbrook with her husband Pete. She enjoys writing about family life and brings humor into the sacred moments of everyday living.

Theology in the Trenches appears in several local newspapers throughout Minnesota. Kathleen can be reached by e-mail at


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