NISSWA — Richard Dahl, a Minnesota attorney, filed for Senate District 9 seat to represent the areas of Cass, Wadena, Todd, and Morrison counties.

Dahl made the decision to run after Sen. Paul Gazelka, who filed for a fourth term, refused to end Gov. Tim Walz’s Emergency Powers this session extending the COVID-19 lockdown and potentially allowing the Governor to control the entire election with mail-in voting in a state that has seen significant voter fraud in recent years.

In April, all 59 House Republicans voted to end Governor Walz’s Emergency Powers and he is now facing a recall and lawsuits from businesses, churches and even state legislators. Gazelka, however, failed to even allow a vote in the Senate.

“In 2016, President Trump helped deliver a Republican majority to the Minnesota Senate. Despite this, Gazelka has engaged in a ‘politics as usual approach’ to his leadership, and has failed to significantly increase the gains from 2016 and to demonstrate a desire to clean up the swamp and reform Minnesota government,” Dahl said in a news release. “Unlike President Trump, Gazelka has not done anything significant to embrace alienated labor and minority Democrat voters who want jobs and fair competition against foreign, communist slave labor. What he has done, however, is attack Trump supporters who also want those things. Minnesota must promote policies that bring good jobs and justice to all Minnesotans.”

In the recent crisis in Minneapolis caused by the shocking and tragic death of George Floyd, Dahl said Gazelka has failed as a leader to point out that failed Democratic policies in Minneapolis in the hiring and training of police officers, resulted in the police brutality we all were witnesses to. Moreover, as a Republican leader, Gazelka should be on the attack on the slow response of the Mayor or Minneapolis and Governor Walz, which allowed the burning and looting of the City of Minneapolis.

“Gazelka has also failed to bring forth ‘Stand Your Ground Laws’ to the floor of the Senate so Minnesotans do not have to continue to retreat in the face of frightening and ugly violence even in the confines of their own homes.

“People are sick and tired of politicians making promises to get elected, then breaking them once in office. Paul Gazelka is a poster child for swamp Republicans that do not want to rock the boat, and wants politics as usual so that he and his friends have political cover. The job of a leader is to confront corruption and injustice which is taking place in government, such as the massive fraud in the Child Care Assistance program allowing large amounts of money to be funneled to certain groups that are forwarding the money overseas to promote terrorism worldwide. A leader cannot simply ignore inconveniently difficult issues,” Dahl added.

Dahl said it is time for change in Minnesota. “Democrats have controlled the Attorney General’s Office for almost 50 years and the Secretary of State’s Office for way too long as well, so that corruption, waste, and election fraud are routinely tolerated and have become business as usual. Republicans cannot expect to take back Statewide Offices until they demonstrate that they will lead with reform.”

Dahl is an attorney with a reputation for fighting hard for his clients for more than 30 years. “I can bring the kind of leadership and experience to fight hard for Minnesotans that want positive changes as opposed to the ‘play it safe’ business as usual approach.”


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