10 years ago...

The rumors are true: a crew from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno will be in Walker this weekend for the Polar Pout Plunge and  Eelpout Festival. The NBC crew arrives Thursday and will film Eelpout activity for a future  Tonight Show episode.

New eelpout events this year include the Eelpout Parade; the best “float” winner receives $500 from UV Vodka.

25 years ago...

Parents at WHA School should be warned. There will be no more free lunches for any student with unpaid bills for meals.

The WHA School Board agreed it is time to play hard ball with parents who have not paid outstanding debts, made arrangements to do so, or even contacted the school.

Principal Gerald Demars said the problem is worst in elementary grades. By year’s end, totals could reach $,000-$5,000. About 50 parents are involved. Many won’t even fill out forms for federal free or reduced cost meals.

“They’re calling our bluff,” Demars concluded. The board agreed to send out one more warning letter.

50 years ago...

The Walker Village Planning Commission will propose to the village council that a referendum vote be held March 16 on a bond issue to construct a new city dock on Leech Lake. The council has already accepted grants of $119,000. The bond issue would be about $68,000.

Based on 450 tax descriptions, the average cost per taxpayer would be about $14.31 per year over the 18 years of the bond.


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