10 years ago...

Enrollment  at WHA School is up this fall, thanks in part to open enrollees from the Longville and Laporte districts. A total of 64 student will attend WHA, 60 from Northland School District (Remer-Longville), and four from Laporte.

Earlier this year the board used a conservative student count of 763 for the 2010-11 budget. However as of Monday, WHA’s unduplicated student count stood at 817 full-time students, plus 10 shared students; 10 more than the 807 at the end of the school year last May.

25 years ago...

The time may have come for Cass County to hire a county administrator. This was the No. 1 recommendation of the 1996 Budget Committee,

“Like it or not,” committee member Al Hoover said, “the county is big business and it should have a directoror CEO to handle operations or problems on a daily basis.” Of 87 Minnesota counties, nore than 50 have an administrator or similar position, including Morrison, Aitkin and Hubbard.

50 years ago...

A marijuana “garden” has been located and destroyed on county forest land about 16 miles west of Backus.

County Sheriff Bill Merrill and Backus Postmaster Bud Hillyer dug up and destroyed the cultivated, fertilized patch last Sunday. A well-worn path from a forest service road showed it had been regularly cared for. The “grass garden” was discovered by Wally Maser and Irwin Williams as they were hiking in the area, looking for old farmesteads to explore for antique bottles.

The room-sized plot yielded a large potato sack full of green plants. Not much in tonnage but very big in the implications of drug-abuse.


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