10 years ago...

Cass County Attorney Chris Strandlie will be drafting a “social host ordinance” to present to the county board as a way to curb underage drinking and its often tragic consequences. The ordinance would make it unlawful  for anyone to provide an environment where underage drinking might occur.

While a county ordinance would not be enforceable in cities, it would apply in rural areas such as townships. Cities would have to adopt their own ordinances.

25 years ago...

The town of Longville is in shock after an early morning fire all but destroyed one block of the town’s business district. The fire is believed to have started in Longville Builder’s Supply then spread to It’s For the Birds, TLC Gifts and Jerry’s One Stop convenience store.  

The fire has been ruled arson by a state deputy fire marshal. Currently there are no suspects and the investigation is ongoing.

The owners of Longville Builders, It’s For the Birds, and the One Stop have indicated they intend to rebuild.

50 years ago...

Preliminary figures for the 1970 census show that Cass County’s population is down by 105 persons, compared to 1960.

The 1960 census placed Cass County’s population at 16,720. The preliminary 1970     figures show 16,615.

Preliminary 1970 figures for nearby counties that show an increase are Beltrami, 25,856; Hubbard, 10,268; and Wadena, 12,241.


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