10 years ago...

The 32nd annual Eelpout Festival on Leech Lake falls under Cass County’s mass gathering or lawful assembly ordinance and as such needs a mass gathering permit, Cass County commissioners decided.

That means Promoter Jim Gerchy must obtain a mass gathering permit from the  county, as well as a state surface water use permit from the Sheriff’s Office. In the past Gerchy and former promoter Ken Bresley obtained just the surface water permit each year.


25 years ago...

The message to the Cass County Board was clear and to the point: the county must get ready to face changes to health care and welfare programs, even though federal and statefunding decisions have not yet been finalized. 

Whavever the details, the roles of federal  and state government will inevitably be less, Ah Gwah Ching CEO told the board Jan. 2.

Funding cuts and block grants will create stiff competition for dollars in areas like social services, nursing homes, programs for developmentally disabled and more. Collaboration seems to be the only answer.


50 years ago...

Northwestern Bell Telephone crews Monday finished the job of laying 2.5 miles of telephone cable on the floor of Walker Bay. It is part of a $1.5 million cooperative program by NW Bell and independent companies to improve long distance service from Brainerd to Bemidji with a storm-proof underground, underwater multiline connection.

From Walker the cable will be laid underground to Bemidi and Cass Lake and will serve long distance calling needs of 16 communities along the route. East Ottertail Co., which serves Walker, is part of the project.


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