10 years ago...

Cougar sightings in Minnesota are rare and most of  the time they turn out to be false. But Brad Burnham’s encounter appears to be the real thing.

While fishing the shoreline of Pumphouse Bay Aug. 25, Burnham, a Walker summer resident, noticed a cougar resting about 5 feet off the ground on a branch hanging over the north shore of the small bay near Shingobee Island.

Burnham watched for about 5 minutes and has no doubt it was a cougar, about 6  feet long. Eventually the cat got out of the tree and walked away.

Burnham reported his sighting to the US Forest Service which said there have been other sightings in the area, including Christmas Point.

25 years ago...

Twenty-nine marijuana plants were seized south of Walker by the Cass County Sheriff’s Office and NET 6 Task force. the plants were cultivated for distribution and sale and would have produced a pound with a street value of $30,000.

Along with the seizure was the recovery of a snowmobile stolen Eelpout Weekend from in front of the Walker American Legion. The machine is valued at $5,000.

50 years ago...

Beset by rain, winds and extremes of chill, heat and humidity, Minnesota’s wild rice crop can best be characterized as barely fair, while they are selling at moderate prices.

The final Wild Rice Survey, based on Conservation Department flyovers of 1146 major lakes and rivers in 14 counties,listed 52 as poor, 48 as fair and only 46 as good.

On Aug. 31 opening day, buyers were paying 70 cents per pound for green rice which rose to about 80 cents by Labor Day.

Most observers feel the 1971 crop is by no means a failure, and that a week to 10 days of good weather will salvage the season. .


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