10 years ago...

Enrollment is up this fall at WHA School, thanks in part to an influx of students who open enrolled from other districts.

Out of 64 open enrolled students who will attend WHA, 60 are from Northland School District (Remer-Longville) and four from Laporte.

Earlier this year Superintendent Wally Schoeb and the board used a conservative count of 763 students to create the budget. As of Monday, the unduplicated count is 817 full-time students plus 10 shared time students; this is 10 more than at the end of school last May.

25 years ago...

With total enrollment topping out at 1,065 this fall, push may have come to shove according to WHA School Superintendent Boyd McLarty.

“We said we’d wedge students in until we can’t anymore and tonight I’m telling you, we can’t,” McLarty declared. “We can no longer operate within these facilities. It is time to either look at building, or next year we will have to put portable classrooms in the parking lots.”

50 years ago...

Hackensack will see the grand openings of two new businesses this weekend. Both stores will celebrate Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Lyle and Sadie Gehrke are the owners of the Gambles Store, which will be open year round. The Gehrkes moved to Hackensack May 1 of this year.

“Jerry’s This ‘N’ That,” billed as the crummiest furniture store in northern Minnesota, is owned and operated by Jerry Osterloh.  It also will be open year round, specializing in Serta bedding and Rupp snowmobiles.


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