10 years ago...

Estimates prepared by Ulteig, the city of Walker’s engineering firm, show it could cost about $240,000 to repair the Walker Library’s cracked walls (not including engineering fees), and that the cost to build a new library could be $700,000-$1 million.

Soil and boring tests showed that the settling that occurred in the southeast corner where the cracks were found are because the building was built on buried topsoil and uncontrolled fill material.


25 years ago...

Problems with the Sheriff’s Department’s new radio system have been corrected, the main contractor reported to the county board. He apologized  for not making a final inspection of work done by his subcontractors, most of whom he has used for seven years or more. Those subcontractors re-did some of the electrical and tower work. 

The main contractor also emphasized that all the radio equipment he provided for the project was new and met specifications.


50 years ago...

The Walker Chamber has named five new directors: Warren Hemstad,

Gamble Store; Orv Rosenberry, Sears Catalog Store; Howard Blanck, Northern Minnesota Publishing; Fred Schirner, Big Leech Resort; and Harold Brunes, Walker Bay Resort. 

At the annual dinner meeting held at Ten Mile Lake Inn, Dennis Schrupp, Regional Fisheries Director, described the 1970  natural reproduction on Leech Lake as excellent. He estimated the hatch produced 700 young walleye per acre over about 5,000 acres of reproductive water.


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