10 years ago...

A Backus man has been arrested in the tree spiking case that damaged more than 500 red pines on a Cass County Tree plantation.

S.L.O., 51, was charged with criminal damage to property in the first degree and was released on cash bail of $5,000. The charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

An investigation revealed that S.L.O., who owns property adjacent to the site, had expressed anger about the pending timber sale and logging. He also told several people that he intended to spike the trees.

25 years ago...

Hackensack mayor Smoky Parrish will resign and retire for personal reasons, effective Jan. 1, 1995. Parrish said that one reason was that he is gone for four months every winter, and that he is heavily involved in church and civic activities when he is living in Hackensack.

When asked why his announcement came after the election, Parrish said he had some projects he wanted to see completed first. Acting Mayor Bill Kramer will fill out the rest of  Parrish’s term.

50 years ago...

Want to pick up an easy $5? Well if your home is within a 15 mile radius of Walker and you can house an overnight guest, call the Chamber of Commerce. Tell them how many sleeping rooms or spaces you can supply for the International 500 Snowmobile Derby, which will make an overnight stop Jan. 27 in Walker.

The need far outstrips all hotel, motel and winterized resort spaces. The Chamber wants to have accommodations for 500 on call for Jan. 27, and an additional 200 will be needed to reach that goal.


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