10 years ago...

The wife of a 64-year-old Remer man who was found dead last week has been located. Helene M. A., 60, of Garrison, was located in the Mankato area. Wendall A. had been found deceased at  his rural Remer residence, a death that the Cass County Sheriff’s Office ruled was suspicious.

Authorities put out a description of the vehicle Helen M. A. was driving. The public was advised not to approach her. She was later apprehended and charged with murder.

25 years ago...

Copies of the book “Glaciers and Glacial Geology of the Leech Lake Watershed,” by Robert C. Melchior and Dr. John O. Annexstad, are available at The Pilot-Independent; single copies $7.40.

This book has been created with the Walker Centennial in mind as an attempt to explain what forces shaped the landscape. The Leech Lake Watershed is an extremely complex system of lakes, hills and drainages.”

50 years ago...

Gilbert Sabin, the Cass County Land Commissioner since 1964, retired from his position last Thursday. According to Sabin, “timber sales in the county have been getting bigger every year; they amounted to $8.13 per acre in 1964 and jumped to $25.50 an acre in 1971, the largest increases coming in the past two years.”

Fay Harrington of Hackensack will become Land Commissioner after Sabin’s retirement. He has worked in the Land Office since 1946.

“Fay has walked nearly every foot of county timber land on snowshoe, mapping and taking an  inventory,” Sabin said.


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